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September 19, 2012

Amsi kicked from The Retry

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Written by: GoSuMali

Four days after announcing the return of  The Retry, team’s captain,  Vladmir “PGG” Anosov, announced through his vkontakte page that  Oleg “Amsi” Rola will no longer play for the team.

After losing a 14-minute game to  Team Empire followed by a defeat against mTw, The Retry’s team captain, Vladmir “PGG” Anosov decided to change his line-up as he released Oleg “Amsi” Rola. The former  Moscow Five player is very famous for kicking his players once results do not satisfy him, and he confirms it once again. According to the captain himself, Amsi did not fit in the team and was thus kicked. The departure of the Ukrainian player allows  Maksim “Jackal” Doroshenok to be a permanent member of the team.

The Retry’s line-up consists of:

 Vladmir “PGG” Anosov
 Dmitry “Inmate” Filinov
 Boris “Lucker” Pesotsky
 Arthur “Zver” Nigoyan
 Maksim "Jackal" Doroshenok

The Retry’s next matches are later today as they will take on  Moscow Five and  Counter Logic Gaming in StarLadder Star Series.


Source: place2play

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