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July 03, 2012

Dread: I was kicked a day before the TI2 qualifiers

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Written by: GoSuMali

This small interview with a former Virtus.Pro player,  Dread is aiming to cover the reasons for VP’s unstable performance and why two important players were kicked from the team right before the TI2 qualifiers. Moreover, Dread will comment on his future plans and tell how  ArtStyle has changed since 2010's DTS squad.


 Hi Andrey.  Let’s start with an important question. Are you still on VP’s roster?

No, I was kicked a day before the TI2 qualifiers started. Our manager was the one who actually told me whereas the rest of the team would just ignore me.


Could you confirm that you were kicked unexpectedly? Or did you somehow feel it?

Yes, that was absolutely unexpected for me, I wasn’t prepared for that at all. I just came home after taking the exams (by the way I got a B :LIKEABAWSS:) and was ready to practice for the qualifiers when suddenly I was told that I got kicked from the team. To be honest, it even gave me a smile.


You’ve already seen NS’s explanation regarding this issue. What do you think? Is Yaroslav responsible for this?

NS is really cheesy. He was the captain back then and his comment ‘I’m not responsible for this at all, I was  just following the organisation’s instructions' is full of hypocrisy.

Well, even if it was the organisation, what could I say, they did a great job then, the results have clearly improved since they don’t even have a team at all now.

So I don’t even know who initiated the kick but it doesn’t matter at all now that I’ve had enough.


Do you think that you performed worse than anyone else on the team? Why did you get kicked? Is it possible that you had a quarrel with someone or maybe didn’t show up for a practice session?

Skill wise, I don’t believe I was the worst one. During my time there I didn’t have any problems related to that. Well, some ‘beefs’ would occur occasionally but it wasn’t that serious.

In terms of my relationship with the management there, I admit that it wasn’t perfect as I would actually point out the things I didn’t like instead of saying yes to everything  as some of my teammates would do.


Let’s talk about the disagreements. As far as I know, you had a very high salary for a Dota 2 squad, opportunities to attend various LAN events, etc. What could possibly go wrong?

Famous ‘Russian football’ effect – with good conditions come bad attitudes.

Speaking of facts, we played approximately 40 hours of Dota during a month of training not to mention that almost half of that were official matches. *laughs*

I used to say it constantly that this was stupid. Certain strict limitations were clearly needed so all the players would show up and perform as efficient as possible.

I’m not gonna lie here, once or twice I actually went mad after those ‘successful weeks of training’ where we would play about 2 games and even there, we would have stand ins playing with us so I would go and live with my girlfriend for a couple of days. I could play from there as well though, so I didn’t really matter.


OK, and what about the language barrier? Were you able to work with KuroKy efficiently? And does Azen still speak Russian fluently?

Azen’s Russian is still very good as it is his first language. Sure it was harder to communicate with Kuroky but I think it eventually worked out. It certainly was not that much of a big deal as the lack of gaming practice.


Tell us, do you regret leaving Darer? Did you really have disagreements with ArtStyle as NS mentioned before in one of his interviews?

Now I sure do regret this. But anyway, anything has a bright side. Then again, who knows, ArtStyle could kick me because of the disagreements between us :D


It was your second time playing with the Ukrainian captain. What has changed since the last time in terms of his leader as well as individual skills?

I don’t want to hurt his feelings or anything but I think he’s become worse. Back in 2010 in DTS he didn’t consider himself as the Galaxy’s best captain and wouldn’t just force his opinions/ideas as everyone on the team was involved. Moreover, the collective in general was more friendly and tight.

But now, as Dota 2 is a new game he tends to play worse and doesn’t seem to be that interested anymore. In addition, I noticed that he’s aiming to meet his own needs while he doesn’t care about being the best nowadays whereas it’s clearly not enough. 


Did you watch DreamHack matches? What do you think of the results of the two Ukrainian teams?

Unfortunately, I didn’t as I was graduating at the time and when I you know who won the tournament it’s not really exciting to watch.

But I really wanted to follow Darer’s performance. I find the team to be really interesting to watch as you don’t really know what to expect from them.


Do you think that ArtStyle has found the squad which is really capable of being a top-tier team while being able to perform ArtStyle’s  unusual lineups correctly at the same time?

 I believe it depends on the team climate. If everything’s good there – it really might work out. If they’re just trashtalking each other all the time they have no chance whatsoever. Finally, they need lots of practice that’s for sure!


You’ve been playing for quite a long time now, but it doesn’t really seem stable. You’ve already graduated so you’ll have to sustain a family soon. Are you planning to quit the scene completely and find a normal full-time job?

As of finding a job, I do think about it from time to time however I have some plans within the scene so I’m staying for now.

Currently I’m trying to stream some pubs and I think I’ll expand further there. Soon I might start streaming Asian league games. However, I have a super-secret ‘plan B’ as well.


So do I understand correctly that you’re not planning to find or organise a team?

It certainly won’t happen before The International 2 ends.  Then we’ll see.


Let’s talk about your stream a bit more. Why do you stream so rarely and have you got a schedule for that or something?

I’ll try to do it more often and I’ll add the schedule as soon as I find out the proper time for streaming. By the way, check my stream info on VK! Subscribe!


You’ve commented with  v1lat a few times. How did you find it?

 Having or being a co-commentator is way more fun both for viewers as well as for commentators. Unfortunately, I don’t have anyone to stream with at the moment.

But commenting with v1lat at Cyberarena sure is something incredibly awesome!


Well, I think you’ve told us enough. Thank you for your answers. Any shoutouts?

Shoutout to all my true fans! I’m doing my best for you!



This interview was originally conducted by Morf-designer from The translation was made by It's Gosu's  Stephen 'Watercurses' Nilov.

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