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September 18, 2012

For Love launch into Dota 2

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Written by: GoSuMali

Another Chinese DotA powerhouse launches into Valve’s Dota 2 as For Love announce through our website their attention to compete in DotA’s successor.

This year’s G-League second runner up,  For Love, proudly announce through our website that their main focus is now on Valve’s Dota 2. Despite not being as popular and successful as  Invictus Gaming,  LGD-Gaming and  Team DK, For Love remain a force to reckon with.

For Love’s manager,  Liu “Kaka” Pei has the following to say about his team’s transition to Dota 2:

“Our players get along very well because of friendship and love to form our clan. Now, we are seeking higher and further goals. Thus, we decided to switch to Dota 2, and I believe this action will become a good start for us. In the name of Love, we will let the whole world know us.”

For Love’s line-up consists of:

 Huang “Hanci” Hanci  (Captain)
 Tang “Guai” Jianpeng
 Yang “”Houyi
 Chen “CZ” Zhuo
 Zhang “8GK” Haohao

 Liu “Kaka” Pei (Manager)
 Zhang “Ann” Yu (Coach)
 Dang “Joey” Dang (Media Manager)

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