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July 23, 2012

Interview with iG.Ferrari_430

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Written by: GoSuMali

A couple of weeks ago, we held a poll through our Facebook page about the Chinese player you wanted to see interviewed next. With 27% of the votes, Invictus Gaming’s Luo ‘Ferrari_430’ Feichi finished second and was beaten by Wu ‘2009’ Sheng by one vote. Due to the high interest from the community, we have decided to still conduct an interview with the 22 year-old superstar.

In this interview, the former CCM prodigy harkens back to his early career in DotA, the changeover to Dota 2, what he thinks of the game and its progress, the performance of his team and of course, what are his thoughts about The International 2.


Hello Ferrari_430. On behalf of It’s Gosu and the Dota 2 community, thank you very much for accepting this interview with me despite your tight schedule. While you are a very popular player, there are still a few people who do not know too much about you. Could you please start off this interview by introducing yourself and tell us more about your gaming background?

Hello everyone. I am Ferrari_430 from Invictus Gaming, I have been playing DotA since 2008 and I became a pro-gamer in 2010. I used to play for ToT, CH, Deity, CCM and so on.


Before talking about DotA 2, I would like to go back on your early career as a DotA player. You have played for a few teams but the one that revealed you the most is undoubtedly ToT, a team that you joined in early 2010. How did you end up playing for this new team and could you please remind us who were in the team at that time?

The dissolution of ToT was because the sponsors got some problems. My teammates were ChuaN, kssssss, kabu, yinmou.


This line-up was indeed promising as the team took second at Intel Extreme Masters 2010 right behind EHOME. During the tournament, you managed to defeat the likes of EHOME (in the groupstage), DK and Deity. How do you explain this early success despite the team being new?

Teamwork, hard work and the desire for victory. As a new team, other teams are not familiar with our strategies, making it not easy for them to pick the right strategy against us while we can do pretty good preparation against them.


You then decided to depart from ToTeam and team-up with City Hunter. Would you mind telling us the reason of your departure and why you joined City Hunter over another team?

I left ToT because the sponsor did not want to support us anymore which led to the decision of me joining CH because I had no better choice. At first I tried to make a new team but the team was not actually formed up and I wasted a lot of time while the other professional teams had already five players. There were few professional teams at that moment, so when CH invited me, I joined them.


If the lack of support from your sponsors was the only issue within the team, why didn’t the team stay together for a while in order to find a suitable organization?

Actually I tried. For example, in the late time of CH we had no sponsor, but we had to go to WDC, I made an effort and Nirvana supported us for one month. Going to a new team is much easier than finding a new sponsor. The new sponsor may not know every aspect well, they may sponsor us on the spur of the moment, and when they lost interest they may not sponsor any more.


Joining City Hunter turned out to be a mistake as you did not manage to emulate the same results than in ToTeam. However, the public was able to see the extent of your talent during your time in Deity. What do you think were the reasons of your success in this team?

We practiced enormously and played a lot of public games.


You played an important role in the excellent results of the team in the third season of G-League, World DotA Championship as and SMMs Grand National DotA Tournament where you placed off the podium. However, you still decided to leave the team during the great Chinese reshuffle in 2011 as you joined CCM. Why did you leave a team with which you had success with?

At that time, Deity already planned to change some players and there were disagreements between the players and the club during the vacation. When CCM invited me, I asked for the other teammates’ opinion and then I went to CCM.


At that time, the community named you ‘best newcomer of the year of 2010’. What do you think are the reasons for receiving such an award from the community? In other words, what made you the best newcomer?

99% effort and 1% luck


In CCM, the success was immediate as the team triumphed in several events. Is there an event in particular that you are proud of winning? (Please, explain why)

In the beginning of the year, we defeated Team DK. We had just formed up and had not trained yet.

In the summer of 2011, the team was bought for about six million dollars by the son of one of the richest people in China. The team was doing very well before joining Invictus Gaming. Under the new tag, the team failed to perform well. How can you explain this lack of results?

Frequent change of players, the new 5 player hadn’t gelled yet.


Since this merge, the team has not changed his roster. Could you please take the time to describe each player of the team? Who are they inside and outside of DotA?

Everyone is very passionate in game, and act like normal guys in real life.


The team now plays tournaments in DotA and Dota 2. Does the team prioritize a game more than another?

We focus more on Dota2 but we sometimes play DotA if we have upcoming matches.


The team now focuses on the ACE tournament that features $45,000 in prizemoney. However, the second edition of The International will take place in one and a half months. When does the team decide to practice on DotA and Dota 2?

We usually play public games in Dota 2 in order to learn more about this new game. If there is a team who wants to practice with us, both DotA and Dota2, we accept.


Speaking of Dota 2, what are your thoughts about the game?

Dota 2 is a good game and I really hope it will be open to public in China very soon.


In the recent months, a lot of changes have been brought to the game, be it the addition of new heroes or new features such as DotaTV. Are you happy with the direction Valve is taking?

Of course! It’s much more convenient for us to watch games through Dota 2.


A vast majority of the heroes from DotA have been implemented to Dota 2. However, there are still some heroes yet to be implemented. Are there heroes in particular that you are longing to play?

No, dota2 already has my favorite ones.


DotA and its successor are both similar and different. For example, the gameplay remains the same but the map is smaller in Dota 2. Does it have any major impact on the team?

This means much faster tempo of game, gank and push will become more and more common, games will last shorter.


What do you think are the major differences between both games?

Graphics and the level of difficulty. Dota2 is easier for a newcomer to play.


Are there heroes that you prefer playing in Dota 2 than DotA or vice versa?

I prefer to play most of the ranged heroes. In Dota 2, almost every hero has the same attack point .For example, in DotA, puck’s attack point is later than Windrunner but in Dota 2 they are almost the same.


You became very popular for your invoker play. However, you do not play this hero very often in Dota 2. What are the reasons for your lack of play with this hero?

I actually played a lot of Kael when I haven’t got this nick name but I rarely use Kael in real matches. He was usually banned or picked by our opponents. So lately I haven’t practiced Kael a lot.


Some heroes seem to be very popular in Dota 2 such as Beastmaster, Morphling, Queen of Pain, Lycanthrope and Lone Druid.  Do you think that we will encounter the same problems that we had back in DotA namely the same heroes picked over and over again in competitive matches?

Sure it is, especially in Chinese teams. Because Chinese teams will always pick the all-known stronger heroes, until there is a way to counter them.


Heroes such as Huskar, Skeleton King, Sniper, Bloodseeker, Zeus and Witch Doctor just to name a few, are never or barely picked in competitive games. Have teams not yet found the right strategies to add these heroes in their line-up or are their spells too weak in competitive matches?

These heroes are not as steady as the well-known competitive heroes. They perform well when we own the game. But in a bad condition, they cannot do a good job.


Do you think that IceFroG should buff or even recreate spells for certain heroes in order to see them more often in competitive games?

Alchemist used to be a popular hero but after the nerf,teams started to play him less and less.


A few weeks ago, you played a game with windrunner. You were solo bot against a tri-lane, you were 0-2 and level 1 after six minutes. How did ChuaN react during the game? Did he friendly flame you?

I don’t remember. My teammates said if I did not die, we would win the match.


The team has received an invitation to play in Dota 2’s most prestigious tournament; The International 2. How did the team react considering that you did not have any interest in that game when you received the invitation?

We were very excited. We planned to finish some DotA tournaments then begin practicing Dota 2 but when we found out there was a lot of Dota 2 matches, we lessened the time in DotA and started to concentrate more on Dota 2.


Due to the lack of tournaments in your region, it may be difficult for the team to prepare. Will your participation in It’s Gosu Monthly Madness Asia help the team prepare for the event?

Of course! Any match is good for us right now. We are fresh in Dota 2.


The game has evolved considerably since the first edition of The International. Since the tournament, you have not had the chance to compete with teams from North America and Europe. Will the lack of experience against these teams be a problem during the event?

We do not know American and European teams too much but they do not know us too much either.


North American and European teams play differently than the Chinese, will iG continue to play their own style or will they come up with new or different strategies against western teams?

We will use our normal strategies against them and we will try to learn from other teams.


Chinese teams seem to be a bit disadvantaged in some areas. They have switched to Dota 2 a lot later than western teams but the worst part is probably the restrictions that Chinese have on the internet. While western teams can analyze your play through Youku or other clients, it is a lot more difficult for you to analyze western games as many sites are blocked in China such as Youtube. What will iG do to get to know the western playstyle?

This is a serious problem. We hardly know our opponents. The only way is to scan some Chinese DotA websites.


You will also be playing in an environment that you are not very familiar with as the public will most likely cheer for western teams. Will the lack of support from your fans during the event have any impact on your results?

I do not think so. I believe in our skill.


Considering that western teams only play Dota 2, how good do you think Chinese teams will do at the event?

The five teams that will go to The International 2 play both DotA and Dota 2 and I think this is our biggest disadvantage compared to the western teams. I still hope we can win the tournament.


A lot of prediction threads have been made in the western community and people seem to see Natus Vincere, Team Zenith or mTw at top of the ranking. Do you think that Chinese teams will do better than the first International?

Last time we did not pay much attention to the tournament except EHOME because we did not exactly know how much money there was and there were some big tournaments at the same time. We did not practice much Dota 2 except EHOME. We only practiced for one week just before the tournament. Furthermore, the internet condition is very bad, about 300~500ms ping made it very hard to practice. But this time, I think all the Chinese teams are well prepared, of course we will have better results than last year.


The host of this event should considerably help the growth of the game, especially in China since five teams will represent the Middle Kingdom in the United-States. Do you think that if Chinese teams underperform during that event, it can have a negative affect within the Chinese community?

I am not sure about that.


What do you think IceFroG should do to make this game a success in China?

Find a proper developer in China as soon as possible because there are many Dota-likes and they are very popular in the country.


It looks like players have now the possibility to make some money, salary aside, from playing the game. Have you ever thought of giving coaching lessons in order to make some money?

I am not a very patient person. I do not think I can teach people how to play DotA one by one. However, making some videos would be fun.


Players like Bu ‘YaphetS’ Yanjun and Wu ‘2009’ Sheng are particularly well-known for making videos for the community. Is it something you consider doing in the future?

I am not sure. Successful video-makers make a lot more money than pro-gamers.


Some retired players like Zou ‘820’ Yitian are now DotA commentators. When you will retire from Dota 2, do you see yourself as a commentator or will you definitely leave eSports as a whole?

E-sports is my dream, I would like to stay on this stage as long as I can. Being a commentator is the best choice a pro-gamer can make after retiring but I am not good at it.

Let’s now talk a bit more about yourself. First of all, how did you come up with the nickname Ferrari?

I used to love this car before.


Chinese players tend to use numbers are nickname. Why is that? Is there a meaning behind 430?

The number IDs is originally from a team where everybody’s IDs were numbers. Some famous players like 357 and 820 come from that team. My ID was just one of my account I registered, nothing special.


You are only 22 year-old. Do you study or is Dota your full-time job? If you are a student, what do you study?

No, I am a full-time DotA player.


Playing video-games professionally is not really something that parents contemplate for their child. What do your parents think about your professional career in Dota?

At first, they were against it but after a few achievements, they started to support me.


What does Ferrari_430 do when he is not busy spamming Wex/Wex/Quas and making heroes fly? Do you have other hobbies?

I only play computer games, I do not like sports.


Do you play any sport with your teammates in order to stay in shape?

My teammates occasionally go but I am actually too lazy to go.


Thank you very much for your time. You have the last word!

Thank you for your support. Although I’m not as passionate as before, I will still try my best to achieve my goal as a pro-gamer. 


Russian version - Thanks to Andrew Tsiarlitski
Chinese version - Thanks to Chen Chen and Shuai 

Comments (4)

  • Lamza wrote

    Why not include his other nickname as well? We all know he's called Ferrari "The Pianist" 430.

  • GoSuMali wrote

    It's more a nickname that the community gave him but it's true that I should have asked him a question about that!

  • Lightning wrote

    He is relatively new in the competitive scene. A great player!

  • GoSuMali wrote

    Yeah, I hope he will find his motivation back! We need more invoker play and from what I've seen, he has a serious rival in LGD.Yao!

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