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March 26, 2012

It’s Gosu eSports and Razer join forces

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Written by: GoSuMali


It’s Gosu is today proud to announce our newest sponsor, the world’s largest and most prestigious gaming accessory manufacturer, Razer

It's Gosu, while a relatively new organization within the Electronic Sports industry in the West, has nontheless played a fundamental role in the growth of the industry over the last year. In that time, It's Gosu has grown from a small grass-roots community into one of the more considerable forces on the continent, acquiring professional teams in Starcraft II, Dota 2, Heroes of Newerth, and League of Legends. Not only has It's Gosu attached a special importance to the professional scene, but the organization has also continued to prioritize casual gamers by offering monthly open tournaments available to players of all skill levels. As a result of these efforts, $4,000 in prize money was offered in February alone, all spent on tournaments which drew thousands of participants.

These efforts have earned It's Gosu considerable notoriety with the pillars of the eSports community, and as a result have led to It's Gosu eSports joining forces with the foremost name in the scene, Razer.

While Razer is best known for their award winning gaming products, they and It's Gosu share a number of common goals: developing the MOBA/ARTS scene within North America, and serving the international gaming community at both the professional and casual levels. Razer's commitment to eSports has been unparalleled, and this commitment has only been extended with the announcement of Razer Academy, a Starcraft II focused project with the aim of promoting the best and brightest of new talent. Both It's Gosu and Razer are committed to serving eSports and the community as a whole, and this new sponsorship is one which both organizations are confident will lead to a very bright future for everyone involved, especially the viewers and members of the community which serve as the backbone of the industry we love so much.


“It’s Gosu supports both professional gamers and the community simultaneously and its rise to success in North America has been phenomenal,” says Robert "RazerGuy" Krakoff, President, Razer USA. “These guys clearly hit the ground running and they don’t look like they are going to stop anytime soon. Razer is extremely happy to offer aid to not only a team of experienced gamers but also a blossoming community. It’s Gosu is definitely going places.”


“To be able to announce a partnership with Razer is a dream come true to me in many ways. When we started our family here, the goal was to achieve success on multiple levels, games, and platforms” says Team Manager Scott "GoSuRuM" Ball. “Through the hard work of our players and staff we are always moving forward like we strive to. When I look at the list of teams that are representing Razer with us, it reminds me of how much of an honor this really is. I know I speak for everyone here at It’s Gosu when I say that we look forward to representing Razer's amazing brand throughout the world in our travels this year.”


About It’s Gosu

It’s Gosu is an esports community and gaming team specializing in MOBA. It’s Gosu launched the beta for its community website in 2010 and following its success added support for competitive teams in Starcraft II, DOTA2, League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth. It now hosts monthly tournaments for the public as well offering support to its professional gamers.


About Razer:

Razer has been a pioneering supporter of e-Sports since its conception. It is in our blood and we are driven to further the culture of professional gaming in all that we do. We work hand in hand with our pros to forge weaponry for the players who stake their livelihood on podium placements. Our gear is designed to perform flawlessly in high-stress tournament conditions where winning is everything and mistakes cost championships. Those who compete with our equipment will attest – We live by our words: For Gamers. By Gamers.


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Press contacts:

Christopher “Razer|Right” Mitchell
Razer e-Sports Manager 

It’s Gosu
Scott "GoSuRuM" Ball
It’s Gosu Team Manager

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