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July 10, 2012

IG Monthly Madness II: Complete!

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Written by: Ayesee


Following the run-away success of It's Gosu's first Dota 2 touranment, we're proud to annouce the return of Monthly Madness for a second season! IGMM's second season will feel both new and familiar, as our list of invitational teams is full of names both old and new, and the casting team of Ayesee and Draskyl make their return, only this time with a brand new partner and streaming service in!

Just like last season, the second season of Monthly Madness will feature a sixteen team, all Bo3 leading to Bo5 finals format, but this time around the prize pool has increased to $1,500. $1,000 will be going to the winning team, with $500 going to the second place team. Additionally, all first place winners will receive a Razer Naga mouse.

Twelve world class teams have once again been invited, with the remaining four slots up for grabs in two open tournaments hosted by It's Gosu. This time around, though, each play-in match (Ro4 match-ups from open tournaments) will receive it's own Bo3 featured broadcast, meaning more casts and more games to delight our viewers.

And that's not all! Our viewers will have a chance to cash in on some prizes, too! In the hours leading up to our Open Qualifiers, viewers will be able to attempt to predict the brackets, with winners cashing in on Razer swag! Stay tuned for more details as the tournaments approach!

All of this second season's action has been made possible through the continued support of our passionate and dedicated sponsors:, RazerMaxFrag, and Dotahut! If you love eSports, you love the fine folks at these organizations. Everyone should check out their sites, linked at the bottom of this article, and show your support for the people that are helping eSports grow! 

It's Gosu is likewise proud to announce our new full partnership with, with whom we will be working to deliver the highest quality possible for our streaming broadcasts.



All matches will be streamed on the official It's Gosu Dota 2 channel.



Invited Teams:

It's Gosu eSports


Counter Logic Gaming




Absolute Legends






Western Wolves






xGoSu (Former IG team)


Moscow 5


Past Games/VODs

EG vs Complexity - VODs coming soon!

EG vs Quantic -
VODs coming soon!

Moscow Five vs Complexity -
VODs coming soon!

Quantic vs Absolute Legends - Game 1 --  Game 2 -- Game 3

Moscow Five vs POTM Bottom - Game 1 -- Game 2 -- Game 3

EG vs Darer - Game 1 -- Game 2 -- Game 3

CLG vs POTM Bottom - Game 1 -- Game 2 -- Game 3

Darer vs Virtus Pro - Game 1 -- Game 2 -- Game 3

Complexity vs Mousesports - Game 1 pt. 1 -- Game 1 pt. 2 -- Game 2 -- Game 3

It's Gosu vs Moscow 5 - Game 1 -- Game 2 -- Game 3

xGoSu vs - Game 1 -- Game 2 -- Game 3

Absolute Legends vs Team Infused - Game 1 pt. 1 -- Game 1 pt. 2 -- Game 2 -- Game 3

Evil Geniuses vs Hallyu - Game 1 -- Game 2 -- Game 3

Team Infused vs GosuStyle - Game 1 -- Game 2 -- Game 3

mTw vs Western Wolves - Game 1 -- Game 2 -- Game 3

DTS vs 404 Not Found - Game 1 -- Game 2 -- Game 3

Complexity vs Wolves - Forfeit due to team dissolution.

Pigs Might Fly vs POTM Bottom - N/A




Qualifier Schedule:

Open Tournament #1: 

Open Tournament #2: 

Commencement of Monthly Madness Ro16 and Play-in matches: 
April 29th

All other dates and times will be fluidly scheduled as tournament play proceeds.


Open Tournaments:

For aspiring professionals-- or amateurs who just want to see how their skills stack up against the rest of the Dota2 community-- our two open tournaments will be taking place on the following dates:

IG Monthly Madness Open Qualifier #1 - April 14-15th
Click here to register!

IG Monthly Madness Open Qualifier #2 - April 21st-22nd
Click here to register!

It's Gosu Monthly Madness Open Qualifier tournaments are open to up 128 teams from all countries. All teams participating in these tournaments must adhere to all rules and regulations, and, upon signing up for these tournaments, acknowledge that understanding all rules, regulations, and associated times/dates for participation is their sole responsibility.

PLEASE NOTE: Absolutely no players from outside professional teams and/or teams already invited to Monthly Madness may be used as stand-ins or "ringers" for teams attempting to qualify via these open tournaments. If such behavior is discovered, any team attempting to use an illegal player as a stand-in will be immediately disqualified, and the offending player being used as a "ringer" will be prohibited from participating in this season of Monthly Madness. 

Each Monthly Madness Open Qualifier will span two days (Saturday-Sunday).

The top four finishing teams from each tournament will advance to the "play-in" stage of Monthly Madness, where their final qualifying matches will receive their own individual, Bo3 broadcasts scheduled during the opening week. Teams advancing to the final four will be contact following the close of tournament play on each Sunday, and their final play-in matches scheduled to be casted by Ayesee and Draskyl.

Day 1:
Round of 128 - Best of 1
Round of 64 - Best of 1
Round of 32 - Best of 3

Day 2:
Round of 16 - Best of 3
Round of 8 - Best of 3

We strongly recommend the teams participating in iur tournament to join our mIRC channel on Quakenet: #ItsGosu


The Reddit Connection:

The whole It's Gosu crew are big fans of Reddit, and as such want to involve our favorite web community in the process of making this tournament a success! 

We once again suggest heading on over to  /r/CompDota2 if you're a player in search of a competitive team to join, or a team looking to fill out its roster with new players!

And, as always, make sure you head over to /r/Dota2 and join the fastest growing Dota 2 community on the web.


Tournament Sponsors: is the number one livestreaming platform for gamers worldwide. own3D offers gaming companies and gamers the best one-stop solution to:- Go live- Monetize content- Distribute content
Founded in August 2009, own3D is operated independently by a dedicated management team with offices in Vienna, Austria. As gamers are global - own3D is ideally positioned between the US and Asia. According to The Economist and Mercer Consulting - Vienna has been among the top three cities with the world’s best quality of living for over a decade.

For more information, please visit

Razer has been a pioneering supporter of e-Sports since its conception. It is in our blood and we are driven to further the culture of professional gaming in all that we do. We work hand in hand with our pros to forge weaponry for the players who stake their livelihood on podium placements. Our gear is designed to perform flawlessly in high-stress tournament conditions where winning is everything and mistakes cost championships. Those who compete with our equipment will attest – We live by our words: For Gamers. By Gamers.

For more information, please visit

Dotahut specializes in providing Dota 2 hero guides for both casual and competitive gamers.

For more information, please visit

MaxFrag specializes in hosting 2 powerful VOIP softwares, Ventrilo and Mumble. At cost-effective rates, we offer an array of plans to meet your needs within time and budget. As experts in VoIP group communications, our software is designed to connect gaming aficionados from all over the world. Experience the quality.

For more information, please visit 


Concerning any questions or issues, please contact Aaron "Ayesee" Chambers by emailing

This tournament's official rules can be found by clicking here

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    decent prize pool! looking forward to it! :)

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    Bracket is late but I will update you guys :)

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    hey ac put ur stream on

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