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September 15, 2012

Major League Gaming to launch into Dota 2?

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Written by: GoSuMali

After having League of Legends as their only MOBA genre game for almost a year, Adam Apicelli recently announced the launch of an official Major League Gaming ladder for Dota 2 with online competition.

This fall, the MLG Dota 2 online ladder will launch, but currently we have very little information on what will be happening with this. As of now, it has been announced that compLexity Gaming's manager Brian ‘chappy’ Chapman will be hired to oversee the online competition and make sure the first Dota 2 efforts will go smoothly.

If Dota 2 as a title will be on the banner for a future MLG Lan competition is not confirmed, but it is a very definite possibility considering MLG’s way of using their games.

For now, teams have the possibility of signing up to the ladder and we will have to await future information on this huge announcement that has been awaited by the Dota 2 community since a MOBA game was first hinted at by MLG back in 2011.

Source: MrMLGAdam's Twitter


Written by Thomas 'Nuraun' Vejling

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