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July 04, 2012

Moscow Five confirms CEO’s arrest

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Written by: GoSuMali

Yesterday, Russian news site, Fontanka reported that Moscow Five’s Chief Executive Officer, Dima ‘dd1ms’ Smelyi has been arrested in Amsterdam, Netherlands at the request of the FBI. Although a vast majority of the community took this as a bad joke or a mistake, Moscow Five has however confirmed a part of this information through their official website.

(Picture courtesy of Moscow Five)

A couple of months ago, Dima ‘dd1ms’ Smelyi was involved in a boycott against Ivan ‘ArtStyle’ Ivanov and his teammates from Darer Entertainment. The Moscow Five’s owner is this time involved in a more tragic and important affair as he has been arrested in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Nevertheless, it has not been confirmed that he has been arrested at the request of the FBI and the reasons of his custody have not been disclosed yet. In order to solve this unfortunate incident, Dima’s father will fly to The Netherlands.


Despite this tragic incident, all the players and teams from the Russian organization will participate in the upcoming tournaments.


We sincerely do hope that this incident will be solved very soon.


Source: Moscow Five

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  • femfxnudge wrote

    I am curious now!! What is going on?

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