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November 10, 2012

MUFC.Sharky: "SMM is probably the last DotA tournament"

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Written by: GoSuMali

SGamer took the time to sit down with the Malaysian veteran, Raymond "Sharky" Wong Kie Yong from MUFC. Inthis interview, he shares his opinion about G-1 Champions League and give his thoughts about Orange as well as his own team.

Hello Sharky, let’s take the chance to greet our G-1 audience?
Hello, and hi everyone, I am Sharky from e-Club[MUFC].

Unfortunately you lost against Orange in G-1, but it’s convincing that the team tried with effort, can you reveal how your team prepared for G-1?
Losing to Orange is indeed unfortunate. We didn’t especially prepare anything, it was about trying our best in every match.

In the tournament you tied scores with EG and LGD, as well as won against SQL and Flash; could say it’s a decent record. What do you think sets these top Asian pro-teams such as iG and Orange apart?
Thanks. I think iG,, DK and Orange belong to the top tier in Asia, while teams like us, Flash, Tongfu, and etc. are in the second tier; there is definitely some skill differences in between the two tiers. I feel that Orange’s weakness is still the lack of stability; their chance of losing is greater when the match is carried into late game. For example the Orange vs. EHOME (Tiny + Wisp combo) match during TI2 and the Orange vs. iG (first) match from a few days ago. I believe these 2 matches are the best examples of where they shouldn’t have lost.

Looking back at the match against Orange, your team decided on sending 4 heroes to one lane in the second game, which is rarely seen. What’s the focus of this strategy and what do you think about Orange’s response to it?
We felt that the chances aren’t great if we played with standard line-ups so we decided to use this idea, but we made the wrong decision. After the 4 of us took the top tier 1 tower very quick, we should’ve let Lone Druid go back to bot to farm. However we did not, and continued to push top tier 2 tower, which gave Naga 6-7 minutes of free farm; in addition we were fairly low level. I think those are the reasons why we lost. Orange responded very well.

You are very well known in Southeast Asia, but perhaps some Chinese players aren’t that familiar, can you briefly tell us about your gaming career? What title are you most proud of winning?
The first local pro-team I joined was iNc`xLo, very grateful to captain zuki for giving me the chance. I then took part in Cybertime, MUFC, and Scythe. The achievement I am most proud of is winning Kingsurf in 2009 with team iNc`xLo; they were locally undefeated for almost two years.

You and Ling are senior members of MUFC; the team adds new players from Aeon this year. hyhy joining for a brief of time a while back also generated effective results. Will the team consider adjusting the roster again?
hyhy indeed is a very talented player. I really like him personally; there’s possibility.

You played against many Chinese teams in G-1. Is it challenging to schedule scrims with them? What are your thoughts regarding Chinese Dota 2 teams’ overall skill level and strategies?
Scheduling scrims with most Chinese teams is still possible. I just want to say that Chinese DotA players’ skill levels are excellent every year, most players know that. I’m not sure why; maybe they are truly the “professional players”.

Can you introduce the overall situation of Dota 2 in Malaysia to the audience? Compared to Dota 2, League of Legends also seems to be very popular, have you previously considered transitioning to LoL?
There are lots of Dota 2 players in Malaysia; our sponsor e-Club continues to give out Southeast Asia Dota 2 beta keys. Players who want Dota 2 keys can visit this website. I rarely played other games except for DotA, so I don’t know anything about those games; can’t answer the question, haha ;)

This is MUFC’s first time participating in G-1 League; can you sum up your performance? How do you feel about the tournament itself?
I think our performance is acceptable, and hope we can continue to strive for better. G-1 League is very professional and requires punctuality, plus the 3 very entertaining casters; I really like this tournament.

What are the team’s plans after G-1? Will you guys enter SMM’s DotA event? What about the upcoming G League?
We will take part in SMM, because this is probably the last DotA tournament. Moreover, SMM is held in Malaysia, I can’t think of reasons to not go. And of course we will participate if we’re on G League’s invite list.

Best wishes for you and your team in future tournaments to bring more amazing matches to the audience.
Okay, thank you for the interview. Goodbye. 


This interview was conducted by SGamer in Chinese and translated by It's Gosu's XiiTuzi

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