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April 18, 2012

Quantic.Ryze: I want to beat Puppey & Ars-Art

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Written by: GoSuMali

Hello Ryze. For those who do not know you, can you please introduce yourself?

I'm Christoffer 'Ryze' Winther. Shoutout to ArtStyle for awesome introductions!I'm playing for Quantic Gaming and ganking the crap out of our enemies in game with MaNia.



A lot of fans out there want to know, following the Defense grand final, where has Quantic Dota2 been?

MiGGel had his final exams this month, so we agreed to focus on real life in march so that we can all focus on our practice in April and forth. So everyone have been busy. Both AngeL and Link moved, I've worked and studied pretty much 18/7, I'm not too sure what MaNia- has been up to.

Most likely patiently waiting for the perfect timing for the next epicenter/ultrakill !


So, what about the Star Ladder?

We haven't touched Dota 2 much besides a few official matches. It'll probably take a couple of days into April before we return to our normal shape and then we'll deal with our Star Ladder position and hopefully manage into the LAN finals despite a few losses the last month.


So there are no problems with all the delays? In the close future (1-2months) are there any tournaments in particular you are looking forward to?

The reason we've got a few postponed matches in Starladder is because of miGGel not being here. I've tried in good time to write it in gosubets and in other ways make it obvious for viewers and organizers that certain matches were not to be played at the stated dates until miGGel returns. Viewers can't really be asked to watch subpar matches... quality > quantity. I'd rather postpone in good time and play with full lineup than not postponing and play with incomplete roster/stand-ins. As for future tournaments I'd like to see; I don't have any preferences. I simply want to beat Puppey & ArsArt!


So you want to defeat Na'Vi, as a revenge for the Defense or personal hate?

Everyone wants to beat Na`Vi. Puppey proved to me at ESWC 2011 that unless you have high discipline against his enigma, he'll get his blackhole off for full duration. His play is smart and systematic. This is why I want to beat him. ArsArt plays the same role that I do and he seems to be a friendly person. His ganking and map position is effective and always on spot. This is why I want to beat him. It's not hate. It's desire to beat the best.


So currently your "dream" would be at the grand final of Star Ladder offline final vs. Na'Vi with Quantic, coming out as winners?

No. That would be Na`Vi in the semifinals and DK in the grand finals of The International 2012!


That brings me into the next topic: lately Chinese have been wandering into Dota 2. Are there any players or teams you are afraid of, and/or looking forward to playing against?

I'm not afraid of anything. Bawsface.jpg. I'm looking forward to playing against a well-prepared DK and the player I'm "most afraid of" is Zippo. You might not notice him, but his prediction of enemy movements is out of this world. I'd love to play Enchantress against his ES. I'm sure he can teach me a lesson or two in how to prevent ganks from happening and punishing me for not putting on pressure at the same time. I hope the Chinese teams can live up to their DotA legacy.


Do you feel there is a lot of room for improvement in your own gameplay as well as your teams coordination together?

Room? It could be a hotel! [Laughs] Every team is making mistakes all the time and the team that can abuse their opponents mistakes the most, wins.


So you agree with Artstyle when he said that the only reason teams win at the moment, is because of the mistakes made by their opponents?

Every game is won by your opponents mistakes. Chess, SC2, DotA, football. If it wasn't because of your opponents mistakes but rather your own perfect play, would it be a game? Taking advantage of your opponents mistakes is exactly what good play is. So yes, I agree. It has always been like this and it will always be like this. You can't perfectly Defend the Ancients!


Puppey said in an interview after the Defense, that your team lately understood the strength of full force fights. Do you want to comment on this, or clarify it for players who want to break into the competitive scene with their team?

Na`Vi and DK both take advantage of the same aspect of the game. This is what makes them so effective in their playstyle. We've started incorporating it into our game. This is what Na`Vi didn't expect of us going into the finals of the Defense. I won't go into details about this. If you want to break into the competitive scene, you need a stable team and practice against good teams and follow/counter the recent trends. Hard work. No easy shortcuts.


JoinDOTA ran their series of JoinDOTA Masters, which is one or two day tournaments with 500 euro for the winner. How do you feel about this style of tournament, compared to The Premier League or The Defense?

It's a much better format. Faster tournaments, less re-scheduling. Everything is simply better. Every tournament should be like this.


The past three weeks we have seen some very meta game changing heroes transferred into the game, namely Shadow Demon, Lycan and Sylla. How do you feel those heroes will affect your gameplay, as well as your competitors?

We haven't practiced and I'm not sure how they will change the drafts. Batrider was bugged for a long period and no one picked it. Are SD, Lycan and Sylla as strong as they were in 6.72f DotA? And how strong are they in 6.74 ? To be honest, I have no idea since I don't know the changes and I haven't played against/with them yet. If they are lame and provide safe wins, Link will turn these heroes into the next AM.


While you haven't been in Quantic for a long time, what can you tell us about your stay there?

It's really awesome! We have this small secret(?) community on Skype where everyone in Quantic will chat with each other and the atmosphere is always great. The timezone is not exactly matching so it's funny to wake up in the morning and you'll find 200 new messages about 4 gates, sc2 matches, strats, tournaments, drama, YouTube links, everything you need to get a good start! Yep, if you wonder if the girl that interviewed Link is in the chat, I can only reveal so much. BREE is cool, that's for sure! I am getting my gear from Razer on Sunday so I can't wait to get try it out. Hopefully it'll fix my mouse problem so I wont buy 4 wards all the time thanks to double clicking! [Laughs]


So, we're reaching the end of the interview. Thanks for the great answers throughout! Anything you want to say as we wrap things up?

With the memory span of a day that the Dota community usually has, we are probably long forgotten and I'll simple say this: we'll be back and deal with the Russians-- Darer, M5, DTS and Na`Vi. Shoutout to Quantic Gaming and our sponsor Razer. A special mention to the player 'a deaf gentleman' for good attitude and positive spirit! Keep it up.



Interview conducted by DemoniC

Comments (3)

  • GoSuMali wrote

    I deeply apologize if some of the questions seem "old" but I have got issues which led to the delay of the interview.

  • koliaphan wrote

    "Russians-- Darer, M5, DTS and Na`Vi."
    stop calling Na`Vi russians:| DTS is like from ukraine too.
    "Russians. They are fierce people and I am scared of them. Mostly Dendi." -Hyhy

  • koliaphan wrote


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