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October 29, 2012

Rumor: 830God, ch and ZSMJ to join LGD's third team?

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Written by: GoSuMali

After officially announcing their international team, it is rumored that LGD-Gaming is soon to announce a third team with the former members;  Ji “830God” Xiaomeng,  Li “ch” Chen and  Gong “ZSMJ” Jian.

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During the match opposing Flash eSports against TongFu in G1 Champions League, Chinese caster and former LGD-Gaming captain, Wu “2009” Sheng, revealed that his former employer is about to acquire a third team consisting of Ji “830God” Xiaomeng, Li “ch” Chen and Gong “ZSMJ” Jian, all formerly of LGD-Gaming. While only these three members were mentioned, we can assume that former World Elite’s captain,  Luo “Luo” Yinqi and  Fantuan_Show will most likely fill the last spots as they have been seen in public games with the aforementioned players. While the former was known for being the captain of World Elite, the latter has no history in DotA, but is regarded as one of the best players in Zhensan, a very popular DotA-like game in China. In Zhensan, Show was the captain of several teams consisting of players like ZSMJ but also  Lei “Dai” Zengrong and  Zhang “xiao8” Ning. 

LGD-Gaming's third team could consist of:

 Ji “830God” Xiaomeng
 Li “ch” Chen
 Gong “ZSMJ” Jian
 Luo “Luo” Yinqi

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