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November 19, 2012

SJQ: "BurNIng is not in good shape"

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Written by: GoSuMali

Chinese website, sat down with former EHOME player and 2011 The International runner-up,  Shen "SJQ" Jiaqi. In this interview, the G-1 Champions League caster reveals his disappointment in Team DK's carry,  Xu "BurNIng" Zhilei.

Hello SJQ, thank you for accepting this interview with Replays.Net.
I am SJQ, thanks RN’s for the interview.  

G-1 has just ended, LGD won the championship; how do you feel about this outcome?
Honestly, I am quite surprised by this outcome. When they defeated iG on the first play day, I felt that this team had transformed. I visited LGD’s training base before the tournament began, and saw them training with with line-up combos such as Magnus and Luna, but LGD lost many cases of cola (* scrims with int, losers give winners a case of cola). I thought they would give up on this strategy; never thought that it would be used in G1 and with great effects.

This means they must’ve improved and practiced this strategy.
Yes. They lost cola at training base, but won 180k in Fuzhou. Worth it.

What points do you think DK lost on?
I think they lost on BurNIng’s part; he’s not in good shape. My evaluation for him before is World’s Number 1 Carry. But ever since TI2, some of the games they lost are because of BurNIng. In G1 League grand finals, there were a few times when BurNIng made some costly mistakes; a few times where he could have saved his team. If he had TP supported, the outcome would’ve been completely different. BurNIng’s condition has a sense of decline.

According to the current situation, what do you think B-God can do to restore how he was back then?
I think he should start from not bring his girlfriend to LAN events. This is a taboo for all competitive teams; we all think bringing girlfriends is asking for a defeat. BurNIng should start from the very basics: his attitude and gaming mentality. Moreover, BurNIng went straight back to the hotel after the games ended; that’s not a good sign. He could’ve at least stayed to communicate with his teammates. Because I think very highly of BurNIng, I really hoped that he can stay as the world’s number 1 carry player. I’m a bit disappointed now.

Orange won iG with a score of 2-1, that’s very surprising for all of us, what are your thoughts?
It’s mainly because Mushi played well. His hero growth in early game, directly affects the result of that game. I think they should develop strategies revolving heroes that Mushi is good at. As long as Mushi gets fat, Orange already won 80%.

After casting G-1 League for so long, what is most memorable for you?
I think it’s casting with 2009; I had the chance to learn so much. My experience as a caster at LAN events is far from enough compared to 2009’s. I’ve been asking for advice from 2009 and learned that casting is cooperating with others, not a monologue.

Then we can surely expect to see you cast more amazing games. Let us talk about how G-1 League affects the Chinese Dota 2 scene, as well as eSports.
First of all I want to say G-1 is very successful; although the LAN event isn’t glamorous, I can see that they are serious about the tournament. They are shorthanded in terms of staff, but we all see how serious Pikaxiu is. After spending these few days with him, I felt how responsible he is. This is really the first Dota 2 tournament in China, the prizepool is huge, will probably have some positive effects on future major Dota 2 tournaments. I’m excited about G-1 League Season Five.

Have you thought about coming back as a pro-player? For example, recent ZSMJ’s team with unknown roster.
I thought about it, because as a pro-gamer for so many years, I’ve never won a championship. It’s really regretful. I wanted to retire after that WCG and told 71 about it, but the talk with 71 really moved me to continue. Although we didn’t win at TI1 in Germany, prize money for second place already made me really happy. I believe that my life began at EHOME; I am justified for supporting EHOME for so many years.

Let’s hope that you can return to the battlefield if there’s a chance.
I wasn’t sure before, but I am clear now. I am still young in terms of actual age, even though I look old, but I am mentally exhausted. I started playing Dota at 16, became a pro-gamer at 17, until now it’s enough. I don’t have to make my dream come true; watching other people’s dream come true is also fulfillment.

Please lastly say something to the fans and readers, ending this interview.
Thanks to everyone who supported G-1, my fans, and supporters of Replays.Net. I appreciate all of you. 


The original interview was conducted by Replays.Net was translated by It's Gosu's XiiTuzi

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