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February 24, 2012

[Interview] Nick 'BREAKYCPK' Caras

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Written by: GoSuOzz

It's Gosu Interviews BREAKYCPK


IG:  Hello, Breakycpk. To get things started, would you care to give us a rundown of who you are, and how you made your name in eSports and casting?

Breaky:  Hey, my name is Nick Caras and I currently live in Kalamazoo, Michigan which is where the S2 Games Offices are.  I have made my name in eSports by being a shoutcaster, mainly for Heroes of Newerth where I come from the casting organization Honcast.  It has been a lot of hard work to get here, but of course worth it and wouldn’t want to really do anything else if I can help it.

IG:  To this point you've been working with different co-casters on and off on the Honcast stream.  Is this something you plan to continue, or are you looking to find a permanent co-caster with whom you'll work most of the time?

Breaky:  Going through different co-casters on a very consistent basis as we have done lately has been a lot of fun and it is obviously great to get a different point of view from each of them on similar topics.  However the eventual goal will once again to have more of a permanent co-caster, but when this will happen is uncertain just yet.

IG:  At the beginning of this year the HoN scene was rather dead. Finally, though, it's beginning to gain some momentum again through the It's Gosu tournaments, Fnatic Play, ESL, et cetera. Of all of the major tournaments and event systems going, which do you find to be the most interesting or otherwise remarkable?

Breaky:  It is no secret that the competitive scene for Heroes of Newerth was in a very difficult spot after DreamHack Winter and NASL wrapped up, but as you said it has most certainly started its comeback and is getting back on track.  As far as answering your question, I am honestly just happy to see this happening, both amateur events as well as the bigger ones.

IG:  The HoN scene has grown to the point that we now have some established teams fighting it out with brand new teams for top billing. If you were to do a top five ranking of teams active in the scene today, how would it look?

Breaky:  This is very difficult to say right now simply because of the competitive HoN scene being very fresh after the inactivity that took place, but if I had to give a list (in no real order) it would be;

  • Fnatic.RaidCall
  • Trademark eSports
  • Frennetic Array
  • Team It’s Gosu

IG:  Back to some questions about you in specific, you've been seen in and around the S2 office quite a bit recently. Any potential that you'll be announced as an S2 staff member soon, or are you looking to stick to just casting for now?

Breaky:  I do live in Kalamazoo Michigan now and I currently cast out of the S2 offices where most of the developers and programmers work out of, which has been a lot of fun.  That is really the most I can say right now, I work very closely with them and look forward on doing many more things in the very near future.

IG:  Something we covered with another prolific caster-- Phil of Honcast-- was that in some ways, HoN casting is becoming a little too professional, and many feel that viewers aren't getting quite the same experience they would when it's a bit more laid back. Which direction are you looking to go at Dreamhack this year? More up close and personal, as it has been in years past, or straight professionalism?

Breaky:  Well from what I understand Phil was addressing the DreamHack Event and the difference from the Summer to the Winter one this past year.  I actually agree with him, but only a limited amount.  I do feel that there was less of that personal feeling and us trying to be something that we clearly aren’t (at least yet) may not have been the best choice.  But at the same time, I have always been an advocate of at least attempting to be on a bit of a professional level although I will say my view on what this means has changed a lot as time has gone on.  Let’s face it, we are dealing with gamers mainly between the age range of 15-24 years old, and it is just silly to try to act like we some big time television show that needs to be careful.

But again, I do feel at least having the mindset of wanting to be professional is a good thing and I look forward on enhancing such things as our production even more in the future as a result of this.

IG:  As always, one of the most discussed topics through the scene is the state of things in the meta game. From the point of view of someone who watches most competitive matches, what do you think happens to be the most prevailing aspects of the current meta, and how do you feel about the meta as a whole?

Breaky:  The meta game for competitive HoN has been an awesome thing to see change over the 2+ years I have been casting it.  We have seen a huge array of strategies and lately it seems like it is more of a heal/tank style of game.  I would be lying if I was to sit here and say I am happy about this, but I will say that it has been a great meta to help support players / heroes shine more than they used too, as well as the strength heroes of course.  I am just waiting for the next crazy meta shift which of course will inevitably happen, just a matter of when.

IG:  At this moment, everyone is waiting for the HoN Tour.... any little tidbits you can share with us that maybe aren't public yet? Any hints or teases as to what's to come?

Breaky:  I get asked this every day and my response is always the same.  I am not involved with HoN Tour, that is a big part why Phil was picked up by S2 Games to become the new eSports director with his main focus on HoN Tour.

Now I will say I have most certainly had my doubts at times, especially before Phil was brought on into the position he is in now, but I am very confident at this point in time that HoN Tour will finally be coming in the near future and it will be the answer that HoN needs right now to compete amongst the eSports scene.
Also, from a Honcast perspective, I can say to expect some pretty big things concerning our coverage of HoN Tour and how it is going to work.

IG:  If you were to sit down and attempt to help a new HoN players up his game as quickly as possible, what three tips would you give to him or her in terms of what's most important in raising the quality of your play?

Breaky:  This genre can be very difficult to get the hang of, especially compared to other multi-player games out there, but if you do get the hang of it, I feel it has one of the biggest rewards.  Now if I had to give three things to a noob, I guess they would be:

  1. Do not get frustrated, you WILL get harassed and called every name out there.
  2. Think about the team when playing, not just about yourself if you truly want to be successful
  3. Use the information and guides given to you in game, you can always learn something at any level


IG: Okay, lightning round! Pick one option over the other, either/or:

- Rock vs HipHop                                                         Answer :  Rock
- Money vs Love                                                         Answer :  Money
- KFC vs McDonalds                                                   Answer :  KFC (duh?)
- Phil vs XanderK                                                        Answer :   DangerousDan
- Day9 vs Artosis                                                       Answer :  Artosis
- Angrytestie stream vs Moonmeander stream          Answer :  Moonmeander

Breaky:  I may have cheated a little bit, but common!

IG:  Thank you so very much for spending time with us.  Any parting words?

Breaky:  I would like to thank the fans that have always not only supported Honcast, but myself as well as a caster.  It has been an awesome ride over these last couple of years and I will do my best to make sure it continues for the benefit of the competitive HoN community because I truly do believe that it deserves to be a big part of eSports.  Also a big thanks to S2 Games of course for giving the scene the support it needs.

Interview conducted by Marko “Pew” Maric


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  • Redmagejr wrote

    Great interview! I didn't know much about Breaky but it looks like he's been doing this for awhile.

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