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May 15, 2012

[Interview]: Leader of Blackfade [BxF] Dafcee`

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Written by: Slutra

Before we get into this, can you introduce yourself and your team?

Kia ora, my name is Arno also known as Dafcee. I hail from New Zealand. I'm the CEO of Blackfade along with zeNap and Qylie as CTO. The team consists of 

KheZu, possibly the next top drafter after Fly? mentored and taught by the man himself,

iNsania, the brownest nose in HoN,

LezzQQ, the n*gga that can spend every day in the gym only to come home and own with Moraxus,

Smackdonald, most well mannered player of the year 2012,

mmbzai, cutest kid of the year 2012.

Blackfade apparently came out of nowhere with a big shock to the competitive scene. Can you give us some background on how it started?

I started the organization with zeNap and qylie with the goal of starting a new competitive HoN team from scratch.  We began with no sponsors so it was quite difficult to find a team to represent Blackfade until we set up a meeting with KheZu and iNsania.  We made some deals, I offered to be their manager, and the rest is history!

Your team just won the qualifier for the European DreamHoN tournament. What does this mean to you as a team?

Winnning the qualifier of the European DreamHoN tournament was the biggest achievement that the team has achieved in their gaming career.  It meant a lot for the organization as well seeing as it's a new organization, and is a foreshadow for more to come!  It is an amazing feeling to see our team win, and I am honored to be their manager even through rough times.  This team is like my second family. I usually have to wake up at 5am to organise and watch the matches before heading to University! Sometimes I even stay up all night.

What are you most memorable moments from DreamHoN?

 My most memorable moment from the DreamHoN tournament was the European Winner's Bracket Finals against sGty. That was hands down one of the most intense series ever played!  The team showed their talent by winning Game 1 as the underdog after being so far behind.

You can find that game at the end of the article.

What do you think was the key to your boys winning that match?

Well, I personally think it is the synergy and teamwork this team has developed over these past months. Whenever you see the team fight, you can clearly see their perfect timing and dropping skills at precisely the right moment. It’s what won them the games most of the time.

What are you doing as a team to prepare for Dreamhack?

 The team is currently planning on doing some intense HoN training at one of the team member’s residence near Dreamhack Summer 2012’s venue.

Will we see you at Dreamhack?

Right now it looks like I won't be able to go due to flight costs. Of course I'd love to meet my team and the management in person and be there when they compete for $60,000, but there's always next time. Only time will tell.


Any teams you’re particularly worried about facing?

The teams we are most worried about going into DreamHack are Fnatic RaidCall, Frenetic Array, and Trademark eSports due to their extensive LAN experience whereas this is our first LAN competition as Blackfade.HoN. Knowing this, we are going into Dreamhack Summer 2012 making sure our team is fully prepared to handle these veterans of the tournament.

Before you were with Blackfade, what were you doing?

 Before Blackfade was developed, I was running small project of a clan called Virtual eSports which included players like Horspel, Lentoh, and rape.

The past encounters between Team It’s Gosu and Blackfade did not end well for the former. Do you think this relationship is headed in the right direction?

DawZ is actually a good friend of mine, and we converse and help each other regularly.  I honestly wouldn't consider him a rival.  However the players of each team seem to have a rivalry due to TiG not winning against Blackfade lately.

Aside from DreamHoN, Mother's Day just happened. What’d you get your mom?

Well, I got my mum some of her favourite chocolates, flowers with a card, and necklace.

Favorite place to take a girl on a date?

Honestly, I have no idea because it is been quite a long time since I've taken a girl out on a date to impress! I've been with my current girlfriend for about three years and we go out when we get the chance.

Has this win brought any extra attention in the lady department? Out of all of you, who got laid the most recently?

Believe it or not, this win has increased the number of women fans on our Facebook page! The team is looking forward to see some of their fans cheering for them at Dreamhack.  The person that gets laid the most on the team would have to be either myself or LezzQQ.  I have my girlfriend, and LezzQQ is a lady magnet with those abs he's been working on!  I wouldn't be surprised if he picks up a girl at Dreamhack Summer 2012, so keep your eyes out if you’re there!

Well, that's it for my questions, are there any shout-outs you’d like to make?

 There are alot of people I’d like to mention but I’ll keep it short as possible. I'd like to give a huge thanks to the Blackfade.HoN team for representing our organization proudly, and the people working for Blackfade behind-the-scenes. I'd like to personally thank the designer from Aekro for our new website, Avunaos for the new logo, the Blackfade Community especially Fairlight_Ex, our community manager and his assistant running the community clan smoothly, and all the people that have been supporting me and this organisation for all this time, especially Jenova26. Also can't forget ReMonk, our Chief Brand Officer, who's been putting together team gear for us to wear at Dreamhack 2012!

Make sure to follow all of Blackfades’ streams at:-

Come support Blackfade on our Facebook page as well at

Lastly, I'd like to thank S2 and The_Thrill for making DreamHoN happen and working hard to make the HoN competitive scene exciting and very much alive.  Thanks for having me, Slutra!


A big thank you to you, Dafcee, for spending your time with me! Good luck in Dreamhack, and we'll send the kids off with that world-famous game you spoke of.

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This interview has been brought to you by It's Gosu and Slutra, the Lunch Lady. Keep comin back for better and better content!





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  • DawZ_ wrote

    I have to admit, that's one handsome looking team. Awesome interview as well.

  • Fairlight_Ex wrote

    Awww shoutout to little old me? <3

    Arno #1

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