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March 16, 2012

It's Gosu interviews Fnatic.Era

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Written by: Ayesee


Hello, Era! To start things off, would you care to give us a rundown of your background and accomplishments so far in Heroes of Newerth?

Sure! It all started back in Dirty Minds with me, WehSing, LoLQoP, SMaK and JerAx. A bunch of awesome guys that did what they could to win. We didn’t really have a huge success, but we stood out as one of the most entertaining teams to watch.

After that I formed a new team with Rexi and JerAx which we called “Man the F*** Up” (MtfU). After just a little while we got picked up by the German Organization KD-Gaming. We finished in 4th place during Dreamhack Summer 2011 with some decent success, beating Online Kingdom at their prime.

And, to make a long story short, I came back to what was left in Dirty Minds, but they all wanted to move to DotA 2, but I decided to stay with HoN. And just in the middle of everything LION came and ask me to join up with them, and so I did. We won the Cup, placed third at Dreamhack Winter 2011 and won the NASL in Ontario California.

So, you've just joined Fnatic RaidCall. Would you care to walk us through the whole process that eventually landed you with the team?

Well, it all started as a joke that I could jump in if they were in need of a player, since Trixi left for DotA 2 and FreshPro got dropped out. It all went well, was a good atmosphere in scrims and everything worked out. And here I am now!


How do you feel about joining the team with h4nn1, another good player ?

So far everything has been working out. And H4nn1 is a great guy in real life, and he’s one of the best players in Heroes of Newerth with a lot of experience behind him. Though he’s yet to sign a contract with Fnatic.

We saw that the ex-lions wanted to go to Dota2, and that mynuts and fittske and the others did as well. What made you come back to the HoN scene, and what did your old team mates think of losing a good player in you?

It all came down to me having way more fun playing Heroes of Newerth. Since I really never played DotA it was hard for me to adapt and learn all the things that differs the game. But I still hang around and play with them whenever there’s time to. They’re all good friends, so it would really be a shame for me to just abandon them.


Many speculate that you'll be stepping into Trixi's role... which is a pretty hardcore statement, given how few people have the capability do so. What thoughts do you have on the matter?

All I can say is that I’ll do my best to step in to the big shoes that Trixi left behind.


If we take an honest look at the HoN scene, it's certainly died down quite a bit. There's hope, though, as the It's Gosu tournaments and FNATIC Beat It events are looking to continue. What are your thoughts on the current state of HoN as a game and a competitive scene, and what do you think the HoN community needs to do to be able to compete with LoL and Dota2 in the future?

The community all around the “moba” games are pretty much the same. But what HoN needs is to get rid of these “dead zones “ that there has been now once a year, where just nothing is happening in the competitive scene. And with that we need some more tournaments. A big cashpool is always a plus for a competitive player, but it doesn’t really have to be enormous if there’s many of them.


In the eyes of many you're a top contender for the title of best HoN player in the world right now. At the risk of putting you on the spot, how does it feel to receive such high billing, and how do you deal with such lofty expectations on a day to day basis? How do you think your strengths and weaknesses stack up in comparison to other top players?

It feels good that there’s people that look up to me. After hanging around in the competitive scene for quite some time, you learn that all you need is some people that have faith in you, and that give you confidence. With confidence you have a bigger chance of getting better as a player.

And for the strengths and weaknesses part, I don’t really know. It’s the weakness that you have as a player that makes you unique, and how you deal with the weakness.


Speaking of the greater competitive scene, which five teams do you think are the biggest contenders in HoN at the moment? Which teams, if any, do you see to be “rising stars” that are likely to make a big splash in the future?

I’d say Frenetic Array, HoN Portal, TiG and tDM. And one of the teams that I can see in the future, would be Blackfade. I think they have real potential.


Thank you for your time and thoughts, Era! Any parting words or final thoughts as we bring things to a close?

Thanks to RaidCall, MSI, SteelSeries, Eizo and Gunnar for supporting me and my team FnaticRC. Also, I’d just like to make a shoutout to my old teammates in Dirty Minds, KD-Gaming and LION, you’re all awesome guys. And a special shoutout to all my fans out there. Props to ya!


Interview conducted by Marko “Pew” Maric

Comments (2)

  • Redmagejr wrote

    Wow ERA has had a long history in HoN. I've only seen him play a few times but I think his teamwork and play style will fit right in with Fnatic.

  • skixo wrote

    The only player in the HoN scene I believe to be anywhere close to Trixi's skill and consistency. Trixi being voted best carry player in HoN for 2011, by a mile.

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