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March 28, 2012

It's Gosu recruiting HoN division staff

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Written by: DawZ_

Tournament Admins

We are currently looking for 2-3 tournament admins for our new tournament serie. The requirements are;

-Basic knowledge about the game. So you understand the tournament rules and are able to refer to them.
-Being easy to understand when using the English language by writing and by speaking.
-Having some experience from HoN tournaments. Whether it be playing, admining or just general knowledge.
-Being able to represent It's Gosu in a positive way.
-Passion for eSport.
-Being able to dedicate many hours a week for tournament work.

Heroes of Newerth Writers

We are currently looking for 1-2 Heroes of Newerth writers for our Heroes of Newerth coverage.The requirements are;

-Updated on HoN related news. Such as tournaments, patches, players, teams and so on.
-Excelent written english, with a wide vocabulary.
-Able to follow the deadlines.

Heroes of Newerth Caster

We are currently looking for 1-2 HoN Casters/Castingcrews for our weekly 1v1s, 2v2s and new
tournament serie. The requirements are;

-Exceptional verbal communication skills.
-Fluent in the English language.
-Ability to articulate and intellectualize thoughts into coherent statements.
-Familiar with Heroes of Newerth.
-Passion for eSports.
-Dedicate many hours to weekly casts.
-Mature enough to handle criticism.
-Motivation to improve.

General Info

-All the positions are volounteer positions. The casters will have the adv and viewer $ deal.
-All positions are official It's Gosu positions, which means that you will have to focus on It's Gosu and being a official part of it. 
-We're a lovely family, so socialskills and being nice are required. Also, if you're afraid to hear that someone loves you, this might not be the organization for you.
-Send all applications to
-Tell what position you're searching in the subject of the email.
-In the application write; About yourself, experiences, times that you are awake, how you are meeting/will meet the criterias, and a sample of any work you have been doing (VOD, bracket, article). If you would like to add anything else that might give you a +, feel free to do it. 

What we have to offer you

-Get the [iG]tag and be a part of our HoN division group.
-Build your resume by working for a licensed company.
-Experience working in a team environment.
-Opportunity to get involved with the community.
-Potential swag from sponsors.-Open door into the world of eSports.

Thanks guys. Will review all of the applications.

-DawZ, It's Gosu HoN Division Manager.


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