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February 16, 2012

It's Gosu to Compete in RaidCall HoN Cup

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Written by: WuGGs


Earlier this week the first RaidCall HoN Cup was announced. Taking place later on this month between February 21st-24th up to 64 teams will be battleing it out for a $1500 prize pool. In those teams includes our very own Team It's Gosu [TiG].


It's Gosu is one of the top Heroes of Newerth teams at the moment. Recently they were Honcast King of the Hill Champions for one week and also won the It's Gosu January Invitational. Their roster going in to this weekends It's Gosu February Open #2 and the RaidCall HoN Cup is as follows.

Jarl "Or1m" Jakobsson

Jeppe "Haxxeren" Jensen

Andreas "Pallet" Torngren

Pontus "Bassets" Berg

Johan "Darkwonyx" Hansson


I asked Jeppe "Haxxeren" Jensen about what we should expect from Team It's Gosu [TiG] in the upcoming RaidCall HoN Cup tournament.

"We expect a good tour with a lot of hard and interesting matches, and we also have a goal to be one of the top teams in the competitive scene."


As stated before the tournament is made up of a $1500 prize pool in which first place recieves $1000 and second place $500. Most of the top teams will also be attending with the likes of FnaticRaidCall, JAH' and Friends, HoN Portal, and Frenetic Array.


If you would like to checkout all of the teams and information about the tournament you can do so by click the link HERE.


This first FnaticRaidCall event is hopefully the first Heroes of Newerth RaidCall of many to come in the near future. And we wish the best of luck to our very own Team It's Gosu and hope to see them in the finals next week!

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