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June 09, 2012

New places and new faces for Team It's Gosu

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Written by: Slutra

I had a chance to sit down with the team manager and captain of the It’s Gosu HoN team to discuss the recent changes in the team and the future.



Hey Flow4v! Mind introducing yourself right quick? Name, age, serial number; whatever you feel is relevant. 

[Flow4v]: Hey there, you make me sound like a convict :D I’m Flow4v, The new manager of Team It’s GoSu. I came here from DotA about 6 months ago, and I’m here to stay of course!! 


How do you pronounce that and where did it come from? 

[Flow4v]: I used to be known as FLoW - I was in a team called 4 Glory, where one of my close teammates’ friend died a horrible death. His name was Vladimir. One day, my teammate decided to change his ingame name to 4gl.Mare.4v, so I decided to honor his friend by doing the same. My name ended up being 4gl.Flow.4v and eventually, we both just changed to Mare4v and Flow4v. Sad story, but memorable times.


So, what’s been going on with Team It’s Gosu these days?

[Flow4v]: Well, they’ve been practicing really hard, the team atmosphere changed, and we made a quick roster change (Bassets has replaced FreshPro) - they deserve to be where they are right now. The result of hard practice is shown in their style of play, and their official matches.


Why did FreshPro have to leave?

[Flow4v]: FreshPro was a really nice guy, IRL as well as online  but the synergy was not there, so the team decided to replace him. He had a very strong mindset he was used to in Fnatic; he was used to winning every single match flawlessly, and whenever that didn’t happen, he became REALLY demotivated. And that was not something they valued as a team.


Well that’s sad to hear. I hope it was amicable.

[Flow4v]: It is always sad to lose a team member, but they all go way back, and it was mostly a difference of opinion. In the end, everything was fine and there were no hard feelings. We still talk to FreshPro, and they still play together sometimes. Lets not forget, they don’t only know each other online, but they know each other in real life as well :)


So, what’s Basset’s background?

[Flow4v]: Bassets is an old school TiG player, and was a great player back then, but the synergy again was not quite there, so he got replaced. He came back, practiced a lot, and turned out to be an even better player than he was. Bassets is one of my favorite players in the entire HoN scene. A very nice guy and down to earth with a mindset that is really valuable in a team. In regards to why he was replaced originally, I sadly don’t know due to the fact that I’ve actually not been here long enough to know. I just asked around and some mixtures of answers came up! Can’t wait to meet him in real life though, when our team goes to Dreamhack next week!


Does he mesh well with the team so far?

[Flow4v]: Team synergy is very important, in every kind of team sport. Bassets is known to the rest of the players, given the fact that he has played with Pallet and Haxxeren before. He filled up our gap very fast, and since then he has become an important part of the team! The team overall are very good players as well as people; anyone who had joined TiG would have gotten a warm welcome! I say this while being 100% certain, since I got one myself, not too long ago :).


What do you think this new team make-up can accomplish?

[Flow4v]: I think this team will manage to compete with any top team out there, and TiG has already shown what they’re capable of. I can say with great confidence, that if this roster sticks together, (very soon) there’s no one out there who is going to be able to stop them. Period. They fit together in every single way. At the same time, we understand that no one is perfect, so we still have a lot of practice to do!


You definitely proved that with your performance in the last It’s Gosu invitational. It seemed like an intense rivalry had formed especially between you and Blackfade. This time, It’s Gosu came out on top. 

[Flow4v]: Yes, the reason to this rivalry is they have always played not so well vs Blackfade; no one knows why! I can safely say that this curse has been broken. The errors and flaws they’ve had in the past against Blackfade have been corrected and seen less. Blackfade is a great team, don’t you ever doubt that; I just think that TiG is way better. I think they’re the best in the world <33 (of course)!



[Flow4v]: You will definitely see us at dreamhack, and it’s going to be big :)



Captain Haxxeren! How’re you doing?

[Haxx]: I’m doing fine kind sir, thank you.


How do you feel about losing an old friend and gaining an older one on the team (I should ask whom you have known longer :P)?

[Haxx]: Well, it sucks to lose Fresh from the team, but it didn’t work out as expected. And yes, then I picked up an ex-TiG member, which has worked out perfectly for us so far. I’ve known Fresh longer, and since I also know him IRL, it was a hard decision for all of us.


Flow4v mentioned there were a lot of flaws you were finding as a team that led to FreshPro’s evacuation. What was the biggest wall you hit in that process?

[Haxx]: Well, Fresh used to win everything back in Fnatic.msi, and whenever we lost, he got a bit less motivated. I don’t blame him at all, since they had a successful 1½ years together and were almost flawless the whole time. But he still has that state of mind to win everything, so that was more or less the biggest wall. It’s nothing personal at all.


What do you think Bassets has contributed to the success of Team It’s Gosu recently?

[Haxx]: Bassets is a calm and nice guy. He can adapt to every role I give him, and he never complains. I know Bassets’ gameplay and style since I’ve played with him for almost 9 months. So I also know what heroes and what situations he can handle and cannot handle. Before now, when we were behind in games, our attitude was bad; but we changed that and we have a positive point of view in any situation we put ourselves in.


Why do you think the team has improved so much? What had to happen and what made it happen?

[Haxx]: In the start, the team was kinda separated. Pallet and I were a team and Chessie and Limmp were a team. We didn’t really have that much synergy together back then, but we tried a lot of lineups and different playstyles, and after some months, we finally found the synergy together and started to play flawlessly. The lineups was also an issue. We didn’t really have a play style we could adapt to when we played, but now we have tons of lineups and can play every kind of style the enemy team plays. People call us tank pickers and whatever, but as long as they don’t beat us they can’t complain.


How are you preparing for Dreamhack as a team?

[Haxx]: We’ve played a lot of tournaments lately, so we also need a break. But lately I’ve just been watching the other teams, and studying them a lot to know how they play in different situations. Our preparations as a team starts today. We’re gonna scrim a lot and play tournaments.


Any future plans you are working on beyond Dreamhack?

[Haxx]: Not at the moment. One step at a time. We'll see how DreamHack goes, and take it from there.


Random question time - Do either of you have a game besides HoN you’ve been throwing your time at recently if not Diablo 3?

[Flow4v]: I play a bit of DotA2 sometimes, but it’s not very often. I used to play a lot of CS 1.6, since I started doing that way before DotA / HoN

[Haxx]: Besides Diablo  3, no not really. Pallet and Bassets plays poker every now and then but thats it.


Favorite movie?

[Flow4v]: Fast and Furious series, I love em <3

[Haxx]: I don’t have a favorite movie, but I have a favorite actor. Robert Downey Jr. He’s awesome in every movie he’s in, like iron man, sherlock holmes and avengers.


TV show?

[Flow4v]: Friends, For ever :)

[Haxx]: How I Met Your Mother


Either of you have any last words?

[Flow4v]: Shoutout to my team, Haxx, Chess, Big player guy Limmp, Bassets and pallet <3 Shoutout to our sponsors, Razer, and Maxx Integration - Final Shoutout goes to Hieu , CEO of TiG and Andre from Serbia!<3! AND SHOUTOUT TO THE TIG FANS !!

[Haxx]: Yes, shoutout to my team and manager for being awesome. Peace!

This interview has been brought to you by It's Gosu and Slutra, the Lunch Lady. Keep comin back for better and better content!


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