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October 30, 2010

He's good, bad and ugly, meet the new hero of HoN.

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Written by: Redmagejr

Flint Beastwood

     Do you feel lucky?  That's what you'll be asking with the new playable hero, Flint Beastwood in the new patch for Heroes of Newerth.  Flint has some excellent new skills that can play into any offensive or defensive strategy.


Flint Stats

     Flint's first spell is Explosive Flare that does damage to and slows enemies in range.  This spell also increases visibility for a limited amount of time.  He can use this time to chain in some of his other spells like Deadeye, for increased range, and Money Shot, a single target smart bomb. This bomb will hit it's intended target even if they go invisible.

     Coming into the game with Flint are a new pair of boots called Striders that boost your out of combat speed to 100 for2 seconds.  These fast walking boots are amazing for anyone who loves to get in a good quick shiv early.

Check out all the other cool new features of patch 1.0.9 at


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