February 26, 2012

It's Gosu HoN 1v1 Challenge #3

Online Tournament Created By IG-HoNStaff - Free Registration - Final!
From Sunday, Feb 26 2012 @ 12:00 PM until Sunday, Feb 26 2012 @ 06:00 PM


Casters #1: Zyori

Casters #2: Axelfox



If you would like your event streamed. Please send a message to TraineeV2 in game before the match.

Each bracket of the tournament will have a different hero that you must play. These heroes have been pre-selected by the staff and are final. Bellow is a list of the heroes for each round. Please make sure you pick the hero specified for each Round.

Hero List 

Round 1- Torturer

Round 2- Hellbringer

Round 3- Pharaoh

Round 4- Blood Hunter

Round 5- Magmus

Round 6- Pollywog Priest

Round 7- Tempest


We have added a new rule into the tournament, after seeing how lasts week matches went. From now on the matches will last no longer then 15 minutes. At 15 minutes if no hero, or tower has been killed for either player, the player with the most damage to the middle tower will win. This means that exactly at 15 minutes which ever player has done more damage to the enemy's middle tower wins. Any damage has to be done before 15 minutes, if we need to use the replay option we will.

Welcome to the third series of It’s Gosu 1 vs 1 Heroes of Newerth Tournament. For this tournament we are pleased to announce that we have a cash prize pool supported by S2 Games. The top 3 places will be payed out as follows:

1st- $40 USD
2nd- $20 USD
3rd- $10 USD

With that said the tournament is open to all players, who care to take part in the carnage.

1v1, All Pick, Forests of Caldavar

Round of 256: Best of 1
Round of 128: Best of 1
Round of 64: Best of 1
Round of 32: Best of 1
Round of 16: Best of 1
Round of 8: Best of 1
Semi-finals: Best of 3
Finals: Best of 3

Checkin: Sunday, Feb 26th @ 11:00AM to 11:45AM EST (5:00PM - 5:45PM CET)

Tournament Start: Sunday, Feb 26th @ 12:00PM EST (6:00PM CET)

Payment will be through PayPal

1st place: $40 USD

2nd place: $20 USD

3rd place:  $10 USD

Casters #1: Zyori

Casters #2: Axelfox


Tournament Admins: TraineeV2 and Gogul (which you can find on HoN chat channel:  ItsGosu HoN 1v1 Challenge)

The It's Gosu 1 vs 1 tournaments feature completely open registration, which means all player, of any skillset, are welcomed to participate.  To successfully register for the tournament, each player will need to select the registration tab above and complete the form. Once you are registered, you will be held responsible for reporting the match results.

There have been important changes to the check-in timing window. Players are required to check in during the 45 Minute window between 11:00 am EST and 11:45 am EST, on the day of the event.  During this time window, players will be able to click the "check in" button on the tournament page where the registrants are listed.  Failure to check in means you may not be placed into the brackets.

Please see the full list of rules via the tab above, as they will be enforced.

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  • charmanderx wrote

    is anyone having problems with registration?

  • Envyzor wrote

    add www. the page and enter to Registration

  • skrtzor wrote

    tournament starts in 1h and 30 min right?

  • CaptainBoner wrote

    why does it say "withdraw" on me in the registrationpart?

  • skrtzor wrote

    cuz u can withdraw if u want ! ;)

  • IG-HoNStaff wrote starts in 1h 15 min...but check-in starts in 15 min

  • Anton32slak wrote

    Is it too late to reg?

  • Ollepeter wrote

    Yes it is.

  • KombaTeH wrote

    yea is already check - in

  • IG-HoNStaff wrote

    @anton32slak, if you can give me your ingame name and server region, i can manually add you..but you gotta do it in 10 min before bracket goes up.

  • Sharp142 wrote

    can you still sign up?

  • Sharp142 wrote

    Sharp142 and USE if you can there's still time.

  • Thunderpunch wrote

    So the bracket goes up in about 5 min?

  • IG-HoNStaff wrote

    ok sharp142, you're in :)

  • BullsEye wrote

    toruney in 15 mins? or 1:15?

  • IG-HoNStaff wrote

    in 15 min

  • Azzour wrote

    check me in please

  • Azzour wrote

    Different timezone confused me

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    not nice :)

  • IG-HoNStaff wrote

    Azzour, you're playing Arniizz

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Tournament Administrators
-For each tournament, It’s Gosu will announce an official list of tournament admins, streamers, casters, and otherwise noted observers.  Tournament admins should be used as a primary means of contact to report any inquiries or issues with the event.

-Tournament admins will have final say in all matters.  Ignoring an admin’s instructors may result in a disqualification.

-In matters of a dispute regarding a match involving a cash prize, a council of admins will be selected to evaluate the problem and administer a remedy.

-The tournament will commence at a set time, during which all players intending to participate are expected to be online and ready to play.

-Players will be required to check in themselves before the posted start time of the tournament.  Failure to check in means you will not be able to participate.

-A general, tentative schedule will be posted with the approximate times of when each round should start.  Players are free to play next rounds if both teams are ready.

-The opening round of 256 players through the round of the finals, will be played on Sundays at the posted times.

Before the Match
-Players in different regions should decide on a neutral host location that is suitable for the match (server with the overall lowest ping for both players).

-Players in the same region should use a server located in that region.

-If the players cannot agree upon a neutral host location then the server will be decided by a match admin.

-No observers or referees are allowed in a match unless they are match admins, shoutcasters, or streamers. It’s Gosu will announce a list of official match admins, casters and streamers. If a match admin allows or denies someone for any reason, that ruling must be followed.

-If a team does not show up for a match within 15 (fifteen) minutes of the scheduled time they will forfeit. Match admins or the opposing team can extend this time period.

-If the both players of the match decide they want the same side (Legion,HB) you will have to roll to decide who gets to pick. The higher roll out of 100, will get to decide which team he is on.

Game Settings
-Game Mode: All Pick, 1v1, Forests of Caldavar.

-Game Options: All Heroes, Tournament Rules, Dev Heroes, Duplicate Heroes, No Stats, and No Power Ups .

-Prior to the tournament, a hero will be selected for each round. This hero is to be picked and played by both players.

*(New Rules Must Read) Match Rules-
- The first player to either kill his opponents  middle tower or hero will win the match. This means if you get the blood lust kill before your opponent you win. If no player was killed by the time the middle tower is destroyed, whoever lost the tower will lose the match.

-If the game reached the 15 minute mark, the player who dealt most damage to the enemy middle tower wins; if the towers have the same health points, the player with the most creep kills wins; if that fails to decide the winner, the player with the most creep denies win.

-After the 15 minute mark, nothing you do can change the outcome of the match.

- Each player is required to play the hero preselected by the tournament Admins. This is a mirror match, so both players will be playing the same hero.

- Power-ups will be turned off, meaning no runes will spawn. This does not mean you cannot buy a bottle.

- You may not gather experience or gold in any lane except the middle. If you kill jungle creeps or switch to a different lane you will automatically forfeit the match.

*During the Match
-In the case of a dispute, the match can be paused in an effort to contact a tournament admin.

-Teams are allowed to remake if they can successfully agree to pass a remake vote.

-If a player drops from the game, you are required to pause the match immediately. This means if you see your opponent disconnect you must pause for him.

-If a Player is disconnected for a total of 5 minutes, the player will be withdrawn from the tournament. In this situation the player who is still in the match will get the win.

After the match
- A player wins once a he/she gets the blood lust kill, is the first to destroy his opponents tower or after the 15 minute mark, he/she has the advantage.

-The match ID and results need to be reported to Gogul in-game via whisper or IM (not on the chat channel).

-It’s Gosu will select designated streamers that will be allowed into the matches.  No other streams / casters will be allowed as observers.

-Live streams will have a delay server activated to prevent ghosting, or they will be casting from recently submitted replays.