April 20, 2012

It's Gosu HoN April Open #2

Online Tournament Created By IG-Mcfly - Free Registration - Final!
From Friday, Apr 20 2012 @ 03:00 PM until Saturday, Apr 21 2012 @ 07:00 PM

As March came to an end, It's Gosu is ready for another great month of Heroes of Newerth action!  We are pleased to announce that our monthly prize pool has been increased to $3200, thanks to S2 Games and a generous donation by MsMia, which will be reflected over a series of three tournaments.  March will feature two, open qualifiers with $400 prize pools and four guaranteed seats in the invitational.  The monthly invitational will feature a whopping $2400 in prizes; only the 8 qualified teams will be invited to participate.

Please also note some important changes we've made the to registration and check-in process.  Registration will now close 24 hours before the posted start time; similarly, the check-in window has been extended to 20 hours, ending four hours before the posted start time

**The top 4 teams will not be able to participate in the second March Open.

5v5, Banning Pick, Forests of Caldavar

Round of 128: Best of 1
Round of 64: Best of 1
Round of 32: Best of 1
Round of 16: Best of 1
Round of 8: Best of 1
Semi-finals: Best of 3
Finals: Best of 3

Checkin: Thursday, April 19th @ 3:00PM (9:00PM CET) - Friday, April 20 @ 11:00AM EST (5:00PM CET)

Tournament Start: Friday, April 20 @ 3:00PM EST (9:00PM CET)

Semi/Final: Saturday, April 21 @ 3:00PM EST (9:00PM CET)

1st place: $300 USD, seed in invitational

2nd place: $100 USD, seed in invitational

3rd/4th place: seed in invitational

It's Gosu Stream with commentary by Sneakeee and Comely


Stream will have the 6 minute delay server enabled.

*No other streamers are allowed for this tournament unless approved by a tournament staff.

Tournament Admins: Dawz_, AxelFox, Redmagejr and Pew

Casters: Sneakeee and Comely

The open It's Gosu tournaments feature completely open registration, which means all teams, of any skillset, are welcomed to participate.  To successfully register for the tournament, each team will need to select a captain that will serve as the voice of the team.  The team captain will be responsible for submitting he teams intent to compete, as well as being the correspondent for reporting match results.  Use the forms provided on the registration tab above.

There have been important changes to the check-in timing window. Teams are required to check in during the 20 hour window between 3:00 pm EST the day before the event and 11:00 am EST on the day of the event.  During this time window, team captains will be able to click the "check in" bottom on the tournament page where the registrants are listed.  Failure to check in means your team may not be placed into the brackets.

Meet us ingame channel 'Its Gosu eSports' to communicate with admins and report results

Please see the full list of rules via the tab above, as they will be enforced.

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ournament Administrators
-For each tournament, It’s Gosu will announce an official list of tournament admins, streamers, casters, and otherwise noted observers.  Tournament admins should be used as a primary means of contact to report any inquiries or issues with the event.
-Tournament admins will have final say in all matters.  Ignoring an admin’s instructors may result in a disqualification.
-In matters of a dispute regarding a match involving a cash prize, a council of admins will be selected to evaluate the problem and administer a remedy.

 -When registering for any of the It’s Gosu tournaments, each team will need to select a captain that will serve as the voice of the team.  The team captain will be responsible for submitting he teams intent to compete, as well as being the correspondent for reporting match results.
-Team captains must keep their contact information on It’s Gosu update, as that information will be used as a primary means of contact for each team.

Bugs and Item Restrictions
TOURNAMENT MODE NOW FIXED. Host regular BP Tournament mode.

-All items are allowed, but teams can agree to autoban new items like Genjuro and Gravelocket
-Alchemist Bones are currently banned until a hotfix is implemented


-The tournament will commence at a set time, during which all teams intending to participate are expected to be online and ready to play.
-Team captains will be required to check in their teams before the posted start time of the tournament.  Failure to check in means you will not be able to participate.
-A general, tentative schedule will be posted with the approximate times of when each round should start.  Teams are free to play next rounds if both teams are ready.
-The opening round of 128 teams through the round of 8 teams will be played on Friday nights at the posted times; the semifinals and finals will be played on Saturdays to give teams time to rest and prepare for the final matches.

Before the Match
-Teams in different regions should decide on a neutral host location that is suitable for the match (server with the overall lowest ping for both teams).
-Teams in the same region should use a server located in that region.
-If the teams cannot agree upon a neutral host location then the server will be decided by a match admin.
-No observers or referees are allowed in a match unless they are match admins, shoutcasters, or streamers. It’s Gosu will announce a list of official match admins, casters and streamers. If a match admin allows or denies someone for any reason, that ruling must be followed.
-If a team does not show up for a match within 15 (fifteen) minutes of the scheduled time they will forfeit. Match admins or the opposing team can extend this time period.

Selecting a Server (Best of 1)
EU vs USE - roll for USE/EU host (team who lose roll will host for best ping)
EU vs USW - play on USE (EU team host for best ping)
RUS vs USE - play on EU (USE team host for best ping)
RUS vs USW - roll for USE/EU (team who lose roll will host for best ping)
USE vs USW - play on USS/USC/team who lose roll will host for best ping
AUS/SEA vs EU - Play on USW (EU host for best ping)
AUS/SEA vs US - play on JPN (team with higher ping host match)
BR vs EU/USE/USW - play on USE (team with higher ping host match)
RUS vs SEA - play on USW (RUS team host for best ping)

Selecting a Server (Best of 3)
-Teams will alternate server selection.  Roll for first server.

Game Settings
-Game Mode: Banning Pick, 5v5, Forests of Caldavar.
-Game Options: All Heroes, Tournament Rules.
-Teams will decide for themselves which team picks side and which team chooses the pick order. If teams cannot find a way to do this, an admin will have them decide it by a die roll.

During the Match
-In the case of a dispute, the match can be paused in an effort to contact a tournament admin.
-Teams are allowed to remake if they can successfully agree to pass a remake vote.
-If a player drops his team is allowed to pause a single time without the opposing team unpausing (giving the appropriate player a chance to reconnect in a timely fashion).
-If a Player is disconnected for a total of 10 minutes or more, either team may have that the game continue without the missing player.

**UPDATE: There are no longer any specific rules regarding backdooring.

After the match
- A team wins in the opponent passes a concede vote or if the opponents primary structure (i.e. World Tree or Sacrificial Stone) is destroyed.
-The match ID and results need to be reported to one of the tournament admins in the posted IRC channel.

-It’s Gosu will select designated streamers that will be allowed into the matches.  No other streams / casters will be allowed as observers.
-Live streams will have a delay server activated to prevent ghosting, or they will be casting from recently submitted replays.