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June 20, 2011

It's Gosu eSports wins League of Legends Go4LoL Cup 16

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Written by: Ayesee

After winning last week's Go4LoL Cup 15, It's Gosu returned this week to claim another first place finish and propelling the team even furthur into the international spotlight as an emergent, top-tier team.

Concerning the victory, Team Captain Seth "Araragi" Fitzpatrick had the following to say:

After winning last week's Go4LoL cup, It's Gosu comes back this week to claim first place again. Like the previous week we had a pretty rough bracket and ended up playing almost every high ranked team in the tournament. Despite lack of sleep due to Dreamhack, we managed to pull through and take home the gold.

I few notable matches were some very good games with Blight Gaming and Oh God Bears in particular. In the match vs Blight we were able to secure the game with solid picks and near flawless objective control giving us the edge we needed to overcome this team. Xcessiv ended up setting the pace for the game with amazing carry plays and a final score of 13/4/6 kda. 

In the finals match against Oh God Bears we had some slight trouble with a surprise 5 man gank up top level 1. However, we quickly regained control of the situation and began to control objectives and slowly push the game back into our favor. The best part of the match was mid game when Zuna (Playing Jarvan IV) screams "DEMANCIAAA" in vent making a ridiculously amazing Cataclysm Ultimate dive that gave our team the ace and forced the enemy team to surrender.

Over all the tournament was fun and full of great practice for us. We will continue to play Go4LoL and practice to secure the win for the monthly finals which will hold a 500$ first place prize.

The complete bracket and results for Go4LoL Cup #16 can be found here.

The team's continued outstanding play has them sitting comfortably in a domination position atop the Go4LoL June standings:


Want to congratulate the team? Have a question for them? Want to show them the baller fan-art you've made to celebrate their victory? Head on over to the official forum thread and say hello!

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