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January 07, 2012

MAGFest X Day 2

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Written by: Redmagejr

   MAGFest day 2 was all about the disscussion panels, contests and meet & greets.  This was also a great day for doing more arcade fun and walking through the newest vendors in the marketplace.  About noon, because let's face it here you don't get to sleep till the sun is about to rise, the doors open for the guest panels.  

   Everyone from Jon St. John (the voice of Duke Nukem) to the Happy Video Game Nerd were giving advice and telling stories to the hordes of fans in attendance.  I went to a fantastic panel hosted by The Gamer Symphony Orchestra ( were they commented on their trek to make a student/volunteer run orchestra that plays entirely gaming music.  This, of course, always makes me the happiest camper because of my love for gaming soundtracks.  I also went to a true display of gamer mastery, Video Game Music Challenge.  After hearing a small sample, about 30 seconds, the contestants have to buzz it to give the name of the game it comes from.  Some of these players were mind-blowing after hearing the first 3 seconds of a tune they named the game.  I'm not talking about an easy one like Zelda or MegaMan, I'm talking about Pinbot and Interstate 76.  It was a trip down memory lane hearing these old toons and fun was had by all.

   After the panels it was time to welcome GoSu.Sonkie to the event! He was gracious enough to come down and play in a Starcraft 2 tournament we will be helping with on Saturday.  MAGFest has a way of overwhelming the kid in all of us and Sonkie was no exception.  After running around the arcade for a bit he settled into the LAN area and began to ladder, like a boss!

    I look forward to what adventures tomorrow will bring.  I'm sure it will be full of Taiko Drum Masters and Dr. WHO pinball.  


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