July 28, 2012

The RaidCall Unlegendary League Series #5

Online Tournament Created By Redmagejr - Free Registration - Final!
From Saturday, Jul 28 2012 @ 02:00 PM until Saturday, Jul 28 2012 @ 02:00 PM



Welcome to the fifth event in the Unlegendary League Series of It’s Gosu. This will be a 5v5 tournament open to 32 teams on the NA server of League of Legends. All members of the team MUST have a valid It's Gosu account and a level 30 summoner on League of Legends.

*Team Captains must be present in the ItsGosu chat room on League of Legends to expedite match invites and reporting*


Rounds: Best of 1 (Final is Best of 3)

Teams: 32  
Team size: 5v5
Map: Summoner's Rift
Mode: Draft Mode
*Teams will forfeit the round after 15 minute No-Show*


$200 Winner takes all. 
*Prize money will be transferred via Paypal to the Team Captain's account.



Checkin: Saturday, July 28st @ 10:00AM to 12:00PM EST 
Tournament Start: Saturday, July 28st @ 2:00PM EST

Round of 16 - Best of 1
Round of 8 - Best of 1
Semi-Final - Best of 1
Finals - Best of 3


Casters: TBD

Other casters must be approved by It's Gosu. Players may stream their own matches.


Tournament Admins: Redmagejr and Zeronaire

The It's Gosu ULS tournament's feature completely open registration, which means all teams, of any skillset, are welcomed to participate.  To successfully register for the tournament, each captain will need to select the registration tab above and complete the form. Once you are registered, you will be held responsible for reporting the match results.

There have been important changes to the check-in timing window. Players are required to check in during the 2 Hour window between 10:00 AM EST and 12:00 PM EST, on the day of the event.  During this time window, players will be able to click the "check in" button on the tournament page where the registrants are listed.  Failure to check in means you may not be placed into the brackets.


After the match has been completed the team captain must report results to a tournament admin in the ItsGosu chat room on League of Legends.

Please see the full list of rules via the tab above, as they will be enforced.

Don't have League of Legends? Click Here to play for free!

Comments (11)

  • FriendlyNoob wrote

    Only team captain check in or does every individual player have to

  • GoSuOzz wrote

    Only team captain need to check in for this tournament.

  • Annguyen120 wrote

    Why am I unable to register? I can not click the button after filling everything out. I click it and nothing happens

  • GoSuOzz wrote

    @Annguyen120 Sorry, we make a little mistake in the registration process which now has been fixed. Can you please try to register again?

  • FriendlyNoob wrote

    oh GoSu for DaCOW our 3rd player is hirosaki not girosaki do you think you can fix please :3

  • AcemanGanta wrote

    can we switch team captians?

  • IG-Mcfly wrote

    Yes you can switch team captain. You just need to unregister for the tournament, then register and put in the new team roster.

  • FrancisNY wrote

    I have my team registered but two of the players in our roster need to be changed, how do I do that?

  • DarckAlecks wrote

    I believe the correct way to do so would be to unregister and register again. I tried it myself, there shouldn't be any problems.

  • Cyrah wrote

    D: suspended? Been waiting for hours now for it to start. Can we have more details please and thank you!

  • To anyone who did NOT show up to the tournament out of the registered teams (27 teams out of 32)... DON'T register if you're just never going to show face, considering they DOUBLED the check-in time and only a fifth team showed up during the extension, you're just ruining the fun of competing, so do everyone else a favor and stay away from events if you can't commit >_>

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Tournament Administrators
- For each tournament, It’s Gosu will announce an official list of tournament admins, streamers, casters, and otherwise noted observers.  Tournament admins should be used as a primary means of contact to report any inquiries or issues with the event.

- Tournament admins will have final say in all matters.  Ignoring an admin’s instructors may result in a disqualification.

- In matters of a dispute regarding a match involving a cash prize, a council of admins will be selected to evaluate the problem and administer a remedy.

 - When registering for any of the It’s Gosu tournaments, each team will need to select a captain that will serve as the voice of the team.  The team captain will be responsible for submitting he teams intent to compete, as well as being the correspondent for reporting match results.

- Team captains must keep their contact information on It’s Gosu update, as that information will be used as a primary means of contact for each team.

Tournament Info
- Draft mode (1-2-1)

- If a player or team disconnects after all the bans and pics are made, the game is to be recreated with the same picks and bans.

- If a player disconnects in the first 5 minutes the game should be remade with the same picks/bans.

- Any intentional use of bugs or exploits will result in the match being forfeited by the offending team and the offending team being expelled from future events.

- All champs and items are available for use.

- Abuse during game time is strictly forbidden and will result in the offending team forfeiting the match and being blacklisted for future tournaments (screenshot evidence must be used as proof)

- A team forfeits their round if the ENTIRE team is not present within 15 minutes of the game invitation/creation.

- All team members must have their own level 30 summoner on League of Legends, in good standing. Sharing accounts and/or having ringers are grounds for forfeiture of winnings and banning from future events.

- It’s Gosu will select designated streamers that will be allowed into the matches.  No other streams / casters will be allowed as observers.

- Live streams will have a delay server activated to prevent screen cheating