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September 15, 2012

GSL Code S Ro16 Group Nominations with Players' Reactions

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Written by: GoSuMali

The GOMTV Global StarCraft II League Code S Round of 16 Group Nominations took place early yesterday morning, and as always, GomTV was kind enough to live stream the process along with commentary from the casters and players. For those unfamiliar with the format, the four players with the highest GSL Point rankings are seeded into the first slot in each of four groups (number 1 ranked player in group A, number 2 in group B, etc.), and they each take turns picking which of the remaining players gets placed in the second spot in their group. The players they selected then pick the third member of the group, and so on. The players are allowed to make deals and schemes with one another (IE 'I'll pick you for my group if you promise to pick this player who I want to face for the third slot'), but the players are not bound to these agreements and can deceive one another if they want. The commentators love making a big show of this mechanic and trying to mess with the players. English Commentary was provided by  Thomas "Khaldor" Kilian and  Marc "Gom_Snowbird" Schnell, who also provided a very comprehensive translation of everything going on - any quotes from the players are based on his translations. Here are the final group selections with some notes and highlights from the broadcast:

Group A






-Dongraegu mentions wanting to take it easy this season after having a tough group last season.

-Polt offers to select Rain for his group if Rain will select Taeja as the fourth member of the group. Rain Accepts.

-Life requests to be picked for group A. ''It looks so easy".

-Polt says he wants to set up a challenging group for the fans, so he can't pick Life. Life laughs - "now I really want to be in there".

-Rain is the only KeSPA player to make it into the Ro16.

-Rain says he looks forward to playing Taeja to improve himself, in addition to selecting him because of his deal with Polt.

-Taeja was voted the strongest player in an anonymous survery of the ro16 players.

-The casters think all the groups look tough, but agree group A looks the toughest.

-Taeja mentions multiple times that he really wants to make at least the Round of 8.

-Taeja admits he considers himself the strongest Terran right now.


Group B






-This is Heart's first Ro16.

-Heart was voted most desired first pick in a Survey of the 16 players.

-Squirtle said he didn't want to reveal the race of his pick, because everyone would know who it was, probably because of Heart's position in the survery.

-Khaldor guesses Heart will pick a protoss, and he picks Hero.

-Hero admits he thinks Heart is an easy opponent, but is worried about Squirtle. He thinks it's a fair group.

-Leenock requests to be picked for group B once group A is filled. He says he had wanted to play Rain.

-Leenock says Squirtle is the toughest player in his group

-When asked what player in his group he would swap if he could have, Leenock says he would swap Hero for Rain.

-Leenock says he would have preferred a different group, but that this one is alright.


Group C






-Some trash talk between JYP and MVP. Jyp says he will pick Curious to get back at MVP for picking him. MVP tells him to make sure to pick someone he (Hero) can beat, so MVP can beat him twice.

-JYP says he keeps a "Death Note" of players he'd like to beat, and he says that most of them are in the room.

-JYP also cites his high win rate against zerg as a reason for picking Curious.

-Curious on JYP: "I don't understand how he has a 70% win rate against zerg. I don't even understand how he got here" JYP says in response he'll beat Curious and make it 80%. They  both seem to be in good spirits about it.

-Curious says he has no real no choice - only two players left when his pick comes up, and one is his teammate. Says if he had the choice of any player, he would have picked Hero.

-MarineKing was voted as the easiest opponent in a survery of the 16 Players. "I actually thought I was playing pretty well recently", he says in response.

-MarineKing Admits he lost a lot against Zerg last season.

-MarineKing doesn't like the way the groups turned out, but wants to focus on his matches instead of complaining.


Group D






-Symbol said he had his eye on Happy the whole time as revenge for being picked by Seed - he picked him to force Seed to play against a teammate. He wants both IM players to be eliminated.

-Happy said he'd rather be in group A or B, with no IM players.

-Happy noted he always ends up in ro16 groups with both teammates and former champions

-Happy says he thinks Taeja will complete the group

-Happy says Life is 'Just a Zerg'. Doesn't seem very enthused with the choie

-Happy says if he had the choice to swap any player, he would remove Seed from his group (because they're teammates), and place DongRaeGu in it instead.

-Life says D is the group he wanted to be in least of all.

-Life says Happy will be an 'easy' opponent


The Ro16 Matches will begin streaming next Wednesday, Starting with Group A. The Schedule and Stream can be found at Also, don't forget to check out the GSTL match between NS_HoSeo and Fnatic, as well as WCG Korea National finals, streaming there this weekend.


Written by Zerox

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