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December 28, 2012

Perfect's HotS PvT Guide #1

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Written by: GoSuOzz

Hello everyone this is Michael “Perfect” Thompson from Its Gosu. I noticed a lot of Protoss players were really bummed about their worthless HotS units when the beta was first out. Luckily the situation has been remedied.  I'm going to give you a window into the current PvT matchup in HotS, so on release you can get straight down to business. The first major change from early beta is the Mothership Core (MsC). The unit is no longer  tied to your nexus, and even better it now flies and does decent DPS on its own (able to kill 2 marines). Because of this the opening build order for Protoss has changed dramatically.

Firstly we are now the Aggressor and also get free in base scouting of the Terran early. The best way to do this is the standard 13 gate, 14 gas with 1 zealot. Now here’s the change, when the Cybernetics Core Pops you will have just enough gas to make 1 stalker and 1 core but not enough to start warpgate. Well, when you've got the core who needs warpgate anyway? let’s skip that for now and chrono boost the Stalker and MsC at the same time. Rally your zealot + Stalker + Core to the Terran base. Now at around 4 minutes 20 seconds you can put down your expansion. That’s right it’s a whole 10 seconds faster than before, now that the nexus is down u can start warpgate.

When you first arrive at the Terran's base with your first 3 units Send your MsC into their main and attack their front with your 2 units but don't lose them. The rule here is that if the Terran has 3 marines for your MsC kill one and retreat, 2 marines, kill them both, 1 marine kill it and start killing SCVS. This is also where you find out if they are going Bio or Factory based. Versus Bio you want to go down Twilight Council tech with double forges (no need for robo). Versus Factory you want to go Stargate based.

When they go Bio, the reason it's largely unnecessary to go Robo anymore is firstly, Colossus just aren't that good and secondly the MsC now has a 50 energy ability that turns it into a detector for 30 seconds so your no longer tied to the hip by observers. Simply dump the money you saved on not making Robo + Obs into 7 gate double forge Chargelot archon with third nexus. The double Medivac timing got a buff with the Medivac's new speed ability, but it’s balanced out with a Mothership core ability called Photon Overcharge which turns your Nexus into a Giant 13 range cannon. After 3 bases are secured and you've successfully survived the timing, now is the time to double robo into a few observers while your Robo Bay is building Once 2 Colossi are out you are safe to take a 4th and play out the rest of the game.

When they go Factory, its best to open up Stargate (crazy I know). The trick here is to hide the Stargate as long and as best as possible and queue up 3 Oracles hidden somewhere, as soon as you have 3 run them into your opponent’s mineral line and turn on your beams vs. a non-master player you’re going to kill many  SCV. The counter to this from their end is to have a Missile Turret already build but even then if they don't react fast enough to repair the turret you might be able to kill the turret and then kill a lot of SCV anyway. If your opponents are simply too good to fall for this trick than you should just double cast time warp on their entire mining operation throughout the game and keep the Oracles alive. The reason to go Stargate is not just for the Oracles but also a smooth and fast transition into Tempests.

This is because Terran Factory tech simply lacks the necessary Anti-Air to combat Tempests and are therefore the more desired unit than the Colossus and Immortals. Off 3 bases you can maintain 3 Stargate constant Tempest production along with 7 or so gateways to dump your Minerals into Chargelots; it's also useful to have a few High Templar to storm Vikings that get too close to your 15 range Tempest juggernauts. Know that time is on your side because the more Tempests in your arsenal the more hopeless your enemies situation. Good hunting. 


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