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November 28, 2012

Road to Top 7/8 at MLG Dallas 2012

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Written by: HwangSin

I have participated in MLG 5 or 6 times since last year.  There was only one event where I got top 32 but the rest was top 40. During this MLG in Dallas, I was able to get top 8 which were incredible.  I beat a lot of good players like Oz, theStc, LiquidRet, etc. during my competition.  I even took a game off a Starcraft legend "Flash".  MLG Dallas 2012 has made me become a more confident player.  I can now think myself as a pro Starcraft 2 player.

My first day in Dallas started off with being picked up at the airport by Fuji, our manager.  Fuji took our team to the NOS Kick-off party.  It was great like last time.  I met up with a few friends from Korea that also attended the party.  I also took pictures to add to my photo album as memories of my last MLG for this year.  After staying for a few hours and getting lots of food to eat and NOS to drink, we all decided to head back to the hotel and get plenty of rest for tomorrow’s big day. 

Me at the NOS Kick-Off Party

My path to top 8 was not an easy one.  When I played against Babyknight for the winners Round 1 of Group Stage, I didn't think I would lose to him, especially after I beat him the first game. The second game I was ahead, but I made some poor decisions in my mind. I was too greedy while Babynight played aggressive which resulted in me losing that game.  For my third game against him, I just wanted to win more easily, so I decided to try hiding my robo around his main base and go with a 4gate push.  Unfortunately, Babynight scouted very quickly and I wanted to follow his expand and blink but I was too far behind so again, I lost that game.

On my second day, I had to play against LiquidRet.  Competitors were talking about how laggy the games were.  Because of this, I don’t think everyone played their best, including me.  However, I just wanted to keep my mind clear and stay positive so that I can play my best.  I believe this was why I was able to beat my next opponent, TheStC.  I was pretty nervous playing against TheStC and thought to myself….."ah.. how can I beat him?"  I thought this over while drinking a NOS Energy Drink, and as I started playing, my confidence increased and I said to myself, "I can do this, I can beat him!", and I did.  I defeated TheStC 2-1 with late games, and it was my happiest MLG moment so far. 

My next match was playing against Babyknight again.  Since this was an extended series, the game started with 1-2.  After beating TheStC, I was very confident that I would not lose again.  I managed to quickly beat Babyknight 3-0 so the series ended with 4-2.  My next opponent was against Flash.  This was like one of the legends in Starcraft that I am playing against.  It almost gave me a heart attack knowing I would be up against him.   Actually, when I took the first game off Flash, I felt like I had a heart attack. But it's ok, he’s my hero in the SC2 scene. I was happy even when I lost to Flash 2-1.   


Me competing at MLG Dallas

On Day 3, my next opponent was Daisy. I couldn't sleep early the night before since I was still filled with excitement.  I ended up going to asleep around 4:00am on Sunday and woke up at 9:00am and headed out.  I wanted to get to the MLG center early to prepare for Daisy.  I was at the competitor station before 10am and waited for Daisy.  Daisy did not show up to the station until 10:30am, which was 30 minutes late.  The game starting time was at 10:00am.  My manager Yankun and I are didn’t want to play that unfair match-up since he was late.  When I did see Daisy, he was leisurely walking towards the station as if it wasn’t a big deal to be late.  If there was an emergency situation that made him late for the match, I wouldn’t have taken a walkover.  But there was no explanation.  Daisy never apologized for being late.  He just said commented "Why don’t you want to play?  I’m here now, don’t you want to play?  Do you want free win? (laughing)”.  This made me feel really bad, but if he considered himself a real pro player, he should take the tournament more seriously and prepare for everything, like being on time for his matches.  There was so much drama that day because of the walkover from Daisy.  This was one thing I did not enjoy.

After Daisy I had to play against Oz.  After beating Oz, I got top 8.  I have never even gotten this far since attending MLG 5 times starting in August of 2011 and playing StarCraft back in September of 2010.  When I was told I received the “BIC Breakout Player” award from MLG, it was the happiest moment for me.  I really want to thank MLG for this award.  Next year, I am targeting for the "Champion" trophy of MLG 2013.  Wish me luck!!!!

Selected as the BIC Breakout Player for StarCraft 2

I have to say that staying at the Quantic house really helped me achieve this success.  I believe this is the best team house in the SC2 scene.  So, I really want to continue to come and stay here again for future major tournaments.  Even the management from Quantic helped me with things and I am not a Quantic player!  I consider them my brothers and good friends now….I love this house and the people! 

Besides having a good training facility, I was getting a lot of coaching from Gretorp.  He and I reviewed many replays and strategies in preparation for MLG and NASL.  Gretorp is a great coach to have and I am very lucky to have him helping me.   Thank you so much <3

I would like to thank my sponsors for giving me so many opportunities to succeed. Thank you NOS Energy Drink and MLG for organizing another great tournament.  Razer, Own3d, MAXXintegration and my team and managers at It’s Gosu for another successful year!

I hope I can be the next world champion like ST_Life.

Thank you so much!


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