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January 08, 2012

MAGFest X Day 3

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Written by: Redmagejr

  Today was all about the LAN center.  GoSu.Sonkie, GoSu.Ozz, GoSu.Zyori and I were all in the Starcraft 2 tournament.  Sonkie of course dominated the event and had a constant crowd of fans around him while he played.  Unfortunatley due to some internet issues they had to cancel the League of Legends tournament, but that did not stop people from getting together and starting their own games and talking smack to one another.  The speed that the guys at MAGFest fixed the internet was alot like looking at ninjas in TRON.  Fast, efficient and professional Greg and his team were awesome. 

   With the day focused comepletely on the LAN center I let the arcade drift by without even a quickplay of Spy Hunter or the Dr. WHO pinball machine.  Although after all the games were wrapped up for Starcraft 2 and Sonkie claimed is prizes we went to dinner, GoSu style, at BoJangles! Love me some BoJangles and their sweet sweet delicious tea.  This was not the end of the day, oh no.  Nobuo Uematsu and his band EARTHBOUND PAPAS was playing a concert at the convention.

    Getting into the hall to see the concert was almost easy, but being only 10 minutes from the show start I was pretty far back.  Thankfully, because of It's Gosu and Nick from MAGFest, I had a press pass and the ability to stand STAGE SIDE.  Mere feet from Nubuo, a god in the eye's of every Final Fantasy addict, I watched him and the band perform with a limitless energy.  After their amazing performance the crowd chanted for "One More Song!" and the band gave them just that.  Concluding with an amazing Boss Fight the crowd errupted in cheers as the band left the stage.  The best peart was, because of my standing position on the side of the stage I got to hi-five the band members, I've never been able to do that.  It was a pretty cool feeling as the people behind me struggled to get their hands in mix.

   I like to consider myself a big fan of Final Fantasy, those games have continued to spark my imagination and dazzle my senses since I was a kid.  I've played every game multiple times, I collect the figures and get the soundtracks. To top that all off the members of EarthBound Papas have had their hands on just about every single Final Fantasy out there.  So in a way, I have met the heroes of my youth and completed an unknown pilgrimage for my religion of video games.  After the concert all I really wanted to do was play all the Final Fantasy's again.  I'm still wired after this amazing experience and I will certainly not forget this experience anytime soon. 

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