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June 14, 2011

My Life as a Gamer #1

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Written by: GoSuVoss

Well here is the start of my new blog and hopefully I'll update it enough to make it worth reading. I'll write a little about myself as a start then go into what this blog will be about and start it off!

My name is Ian Reppucci, I go by many aliases online but most of you know me as Voss on SC2 and Voss423 on I am 19 years old and plan on going into EMS in fall. As for my game history, I started with Quake, Doom, and Unreal when I was very young. Since then I have broadend my game types in which I'll really play any but I mainly stick to First Person Shooters. Since 1998/9 I have played Team Fortress Classic and I still do to this day, and it is probably my most played game as well.  Other than that I mainly played Halo 1-3 when they were respectively popular, Call of Duty 2 and 4, Phantasy Star Online ep 1 + 2 on Xbox, and all the respective Battlefield games. I recently sold my Xbox 360, picked up a Playstation 3 and got Killzone 3 and my first fighting game that I'm trying to be good at Super Street Fighter 4.

My plan for these blogs is to show highlights of my gaming the past few days as I stream which will mainly be of Team Fortress, Battlefield, Starcraft 2 when I stream it, Vindictus, and as a treat beta and development streams of Fortress Forever. So lets start it off with my videos (most of which had their sound removed). Alright I cannot figure out embedding a video for the life of me so I'll just link to the video and give you an explanation of each. 

Monty Retired

This was a video of when I stopped playing TFC for a while and was my third video ever made. I started experimenting with motion blurs at appropriate times and syncing up actions with the music.

Mad Montatti

This video was made close to when I was finished with competitive play which mainly featured offensive plays. I held off on the effect for superior syncing. I feel as this was one of my better videos.

Seven Montattis

Originally this was a joke video but I ended up finishing it (note the Miley Cyrus) but this was a very good definsive video and I really enjoyed getting the plays together. This was my last major video I made and still didn't use effects just audio syncing.

Now that those videos are over with I'll share with you recent videos and I'll link to recent broadcasts  which in the future will be the off days of the blog. 

Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Heli Airshot

Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Run out of ammo? Use other people's kits

Team Fortress Classic: Triple Kill

Team Fortress 2: Multiple Kills

Team Fortress Classic: Couple Airshots

For some JTV Broadcasts here you go:

BFBC2: 6/7/2011

Team Fortress Classic: 6/9/2011

Team Fortress Classic: 6/13/2011

Generally after I post the JTV links I will explain what I was thinking or what thoughts I had as I played and if anything in chat intruiged me. I'm going to hold off on that till the next blog post as I have added quite a bit of videos to this post.

I hope you guys enjoyed this first post and I'm excited to add more blogs in the future. I don't play too too many games at the moment but here's my full list on steam: If you want to see one of those games streamed send me a message and I'll do so!


-Ian (Voss) Reppucci

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