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June 15, 2011

My Life as a Gamer #2

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Written by: GoSuVoss

I've had some good gaming moments these past few days revolving around Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Team Fortress Classic. I've been taking some of my time out of gaming to try and play Super Street Fighter 4 more and I plan on playing Akuma but due to his advanced tactics I thought I should start with Ryu. I have already gone 0-7 on the PS3 ladder for SSF4 so I'm really looking to improve if anyone has it I'm down for a game or two (PSN: Vosstatti). 

A little extra info about me, as I stated in my previous blog that I love Team Fortress Classic, I really just love all fortress games. One of them being Enemy Territory Fortress which I just started playing somewhat recently has it's main community shutting down. So the few 20 or so players that we have playing gathers had to find a new channel on IRC to migrate to and have found someone to host a new bot. The problems now that arise are the loss of a playing server and a voice server. I really hope things shape up otherwise this community is going to fade away very shortly. I felt like I had to share this because this is one of the last fast paced games that are currently out there that have a strong team based play. Much different to Quake Live (even though they are basically from the same game (ETF originated from Quake 3 Fortress)). 

Now that that is out of the way Steam released their Free to Play games (two being free to play already) and I have just downloaded Spiral Knights as it looks like a really fun Co-op game. If I get time and am available to I will stream it (links will be posted in the next blog).

Here are some highlights from the previous day or two of streaming:

Chopper Eats a Rocket

This whole gaming round I was getting tons of really nice shots whether it be shooting down helis or sniping people with my AK74/M1911. I have to give props to TFC for giving me amazing ability to judge rocket shots.

Couple Kills

I really really enjoyed this play as it happened. You can see my voice icon at the top right just light up. Pistol kill then a quick knife, I try and run away and a heli tries to kill me. I eventually turn around to shoot it down but get killed as I do.

The broadcast for this session is at

I started off the broadcast with a little TFC as I waited for my friend. It was a skills map where you try to get to point A to point B without touching the ground using rockets/grenades depending on what class you are. It's what I do to prepare my hands for gaming much like many SC2 players do OSU. It's relaxing but you need just enough reflexes and mouse prediction.

I forgot to link a few things in my previous blog as well, you can view my channel at and my youtube is at I also tweet whenever I'm going live or whenever I stay up for GSL or MLG at You can view the playlist I use on my stream at

I'm excited to play some more games and hopefully I can bring you some gameplay from Spiral Knights, I'll keep you guys updated within a few days. 

Comments (8)

  • Thorfan wrote

    Man i wish you would have postet those links earlier! After yesterdays session i couln´d sleep at all so i was like "Screw it! I wanna watch Voss" but i couldn´t find your Stream at all^^

  • GoSuVoss wrote

    Haha I'm sorry!

  • GoSuOzz wrote

    hey voss, once i get my psn back online...i'll sent you an invite so we can play ssf4 together.

  • GoSuVoss wrote

    Awesome! Sounds good

  • Dutchness wrote

    Hey buddy nice blog ! :) a really good read :) ♥

  • Dutchness wrote

    and oh yeah, i downloaded spiral knights :P

  • GoSuOzz wrote

    you got a mod stick for ssf voss?

  • GoSuVoss wrote

    I don't, just a controller

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